How to Buster Farm Without Koyanskaya or Oberon

How to Buster Farm Without Koyanskaya or Oberon

How to Buster Farm Without Koyanskaya or Oberon


Buster farming is a popular strategy in the game that focuses on maximizing the performance of Buster cards to clear content efficiently. It involves building teams and utilizing Servants that excel in dealing high damage and generating Noble Phantasms (NP). While having Servants like Koyanskaya or Oberon can greatly enhance Buster farming, not all players have access to them. In this article, we will explore alternative Servants and strategies to effectively Buster farm without relying on Koyanskaya or Oberon.

Understanding Buster Farming:

Buster farming revolves around the concept of utilizing Buster cards to deal massive damage and generate NP quickly. This strategy is favored by many players due to its high damage output potential and the ability to quickly clear challenging quests. By focusing on Buster-centric teams, players can achieve efficient farming and progress through the game at a faster pace.

Challenges Without Koyanskaya or Oberon:

Koyanskaya and Oberon are two Servants known for their exceptional support capabilities in Buster farming teams. However, not all players have these Servants in their roster. The absence of Koyanskaya or Oberon can pose challenges in terms of team optimization and NP generation. Nonetheless, there are alternative Servants that can be used effectively to overcome these challenges.

Alternative Servants and Strategies:

In the absence of Koyanskaya or Oberon, there are other Servants that can fulfill similar roles and contribute to successful Buster farming teams. Servants like Merlin, Shakespeare, and Helena can provide valuable support with their skills and Noble Phantasms. It’s important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of these Servants and build team compositions that maximize their potential.

Craft Essences and CE Strategies:

Craft Essences play a crucial role in enhancing Buster performance. Choosing the right Craft Essences can significantly boost the damage output of Buster-centric teams. CE options such as “Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament,” “Kaleidoscope,” and “Holy Night Supper” are popular choices for their NP charge and Buster performance bonuses. Experimenting with different CE combinations based on team compositions and strategies can further optimize Buster farming teams.

Farming Nodes and Strategies:

Different farming nodes in the game require varying strategies to achieve efficient Buster farming. Some nodes may have specific enemy compositions or class advantages that need to be considered. By tailoring team compositions, choosing appropriate support Servants, and utilizing class advantage, players can optimize their farming runs. It’s important to analyze each node’s requirements and adjust team setups accordingly.

Team Synergy and Skill Usage:

Creating synergy among Servants is vital for successful Buster farming. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each Servant in the team and coordinating their skills and Noble Phantasms can greatly enhance damage output and NP generation. For example, combining Servants with Buster support skills like Merlin’s Hero Creation and Shakespeare’s Bardic Aesthetic can create devastating Buster chains.

Gameplay Mechanics and Tactics:

To fully utilize Buster cards, players should familiarize themselves with key gameplay mechanics. Timing Buster chains to maximize damage, exploiting critical hits, and managing NP gain are essential tactics for effective Buster farming. By mastering these mechanics, players can make the most out of each turn and clear quests more efficiently.

Resource Management and Support Options:

Efficient resource management is crucial in Buster farming. Utilizing support options like Mystic Codes and Friend Supports can provide additional buffs and utility during battles. Master Skills and Command Spells should be used strategically to overcome challenging situations or to enhance damage output when necessary.

Enhancing Servants and Fous Allocation:

Improving Servants’ performance without relying on Koyanskaya or Oberon involves leveling up their skills, ascending them, and allocating Fous wisely. By investing resources in Servant enhancements, players can optimize their Buster farming teams and achieve higher damage output.

Time Efficiency and AP Management:

Optimizing time efficiency during Buster farming sessions is important for players who want to progress efficiently. Creating a farming schedule, planning ahead, and balancing farming goals with other game activities can help maximize AP usage and overall progress in the game.

Event and Event Shop Strategies:

During events, incorporating Buster farming techniques becomes even more crucial to efficiently farm event materials and complete event quests. Understanding event mechanics, utilizing event-specific bonuses, and prioritizing items in the event shop can help players make the most of limited-time opportunities.

Community Resources and Learning Opportunities:

Engaging with the game’s community is a valuable resource for learning more about Buster farming. Joining online communities, participating in discussion forums, and watching gameplay videos can provide insights, tips, and strategies shared by experienced players. Leveraging these resources can help players refine their Buster farming skills and stay updated on the latest strategies.


Buster farming without Koyanskaya or Oberon is indeed challenging, but it is not impossible. By exploring alternative Servants, optimizing team compositions, utilizing suitable Craft Essences, and mastering gameplay mechanics, players can still achieve efficient Buster farming. The key lies in adapting strategies to fit the available resources and playstyle. Embracing experimentation, learning from the community, and enjoying the game are fundamental aspects of becoming proficient in Buster farming. So, equip your teams, unleash the power of Buster cards, and embark on your farming journey with confidence!