How to Bustle Farm with Arjuna Alter

How to Bustle Farm with Arjuna Alter

How to Bustle Farm with Arjuna Alter


In the world of Fate/Grand Order, efficiency is crucial when it comes to resource gathering and event farming. One of the most powerful Servants for quickly clearing waves of enemies is Arjuna Alter. As a Berserker-class Servant with exceptional damage potential, Arjuna Alter can be a game-changer for players looking to optimize their farming strategies. In this article, we will explore how to effectively utilize Arjuna Alter for bustle farming and maximize your farming efficiency.

Understanding Arjuna Alter

Arjuna Alter is a 5-star Berserker-class Servant in Fate/Grand Order. He boasts high stats, an AoE (Area of Effect) Noble Phantasm, and versatile skills that make him an excellent choice for farming. Arjuna Alter’s Noble Phantasm, Pashupata, deals massive damage to all enemies, making him a perfect candidate for clearing multiple waves of foes in a single turn.

Setting up a Farming Team

To fully utilize Arjuna Alter’s potential, it is important to build a well-rounded farming team. When selecting support Servants, focus on those who can enhance Arjuna Alter’s damage output or provide supportive buffs. Servants with skills that increase Buster card effectiveness or provide critical star generation are particularly valuable.

Craft Essences (CEs) and Mystic Codes also play a crucial role in optimizing your farming team. Equip CEs that boost Arjuna Alter’s damage, such as those with Buster Performance Up or NP Damage Up effects. Mystic Codes that provide teamwide buffs or additional NP charge can further enhance Arjuna Alter’s farming potential.

Maximizing Arjuna Alter’s Damage

To unleash the full potential of Arjuna Alter, it is important to understand his skills and how to effectively use his Noble Phantasm. Arjuna Alter’s second skill, Clarity of Mind, increases his Buster card performance for three turns, while his third skill, The Arrow of Rudra, increases his NP damage for one turn.

Timing these skills appropriately can significantly boost Arjuna Alter’s damage output. Activate Clarity of Mind before using his Noble Phantasm to ensure maximum damage on his Buster cards. Additionally, use The Arrow of Rudra when Arjuna Alter is about to unleash his Noble Phantasm for maximum NP damage.

Farming Strategies

When it comes to farming nodes and event quests, it’s important to choose those that are optimal for Arjuna Alter’s skill set. Look for quests with multiple waves of enemies that are weak to Arjuna Alter’s Buster cards. The more enemies there are, the more effective Arjuna Alter’s AoE Noble Phantasm becomes.

During battle, pay attention to card selection to further enhance your farming efficiency. Prioritize selecting Buster cards for Arjuna Alter, as they will benefit from his increased Buster card performance. Additionally, use his Noble Phantasm as soon as it is available to clear waves of enemies efficiently.

Enhancing Efficiency

In addition to utilizing Arjuna Alter’s skills and Noble Phantasm effectively, there are other strategies to enhance farming efficiency. Take advantage of support systems such as the “Plugsuit” Mystic Code, which allows you to swap out one of your own Servants for a support Servant mid-battle. This can provide additional buffs or utility that complement Arjuna Alter’s capabilities.

Pay attention to event and game mechanics that can further enhance your farming efficiency. Some events may have bonus damage or drop rates for specific Servants or CEs. Utilize these bonuses to maximize your farming output. Additionally, familiarize yourself with mechanics such as overkill and brave chains, which can help generate additional critical stars and NP charge.

Farming Tips and Tricks

To further optimize your farming experience with Arjuna Alter, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Utilize event bonuses: During special events, there may be event-specific CEs or bonuses that provide additional damage or drop rate boosts. Prioritize equipping these CEs or using Servants with event bonus effects to maximize your farming efficiency.

  • Manage time and stamina effectively: Plan your farming sessions to make the most of your available time and stamina. Take advantage of natural AP (Action Points) regeneration or use apples and other stamina-replenishing items strategically.


Arjuna Alter is a formidable Servant for bustle farming in Fate/Grand Order. By understanding his skills, optimizing your team composition, and implementing effective farming strategies, you can significantly enhance your farming efficiency. Remember to prioritize card selection, utilize support systems, and take advantage of event bonuses to maximize your resource gains. With Arjuna Alter at the forefront of your farming endeavors, you’ll be able to tackle any challenge with ease and reap the rewards of your efforts.