How to cancel Prime Gaming (in 2023)

Do you want to know how to cancel prime gaming? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll walk you through it.

To terminate your Twitch Prime membership, you must first cancel your Amazon Prime membership through Amazon. You won’t get other prime privileges, like quick shipping on Amazon deliveries.

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What is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is a premium Twitch experience with Amazon Prime and Prime Video memberships. Prime Gaming includes bonus games, exclusive in-game content; a free monthly channel subscription to use on any partner or affiliate channel; exclusive emotes; and a chat badge.

How to cancel Prime Gaming?

You cannot cancel your Prime Gaming membership without also canceling your Amazon Prime subscription because Prime Gaming is included with your Amazon Prime subscription.

Players can still opt to unlink their Twitch and Amazon accounts, removing all Prime Gaming perks. We’ve explained how players can cancel their Amazon Prime membership, which will also cancel their Prime Gaming membership.

How Do You Cancel Your Amazon Prime Account?

cancel amazon account
  • Return to the Amazon marketplace where you signed up for Prime membership.
  • Now navigate to your account.
  • Visit Prime.
  • Select Manage Membership on the right side of the screen. In Prime, select the option to cancel your membership.
  • You should disconnect your Twitch and Amazon accounts if you don’t want to lose your Amazon Prime membership benefits.

How Do You Disconnect Your Twitch And Amazon Accounts?

twitch account disconnect

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  • Sign in to your Twitch account.
  • In the upper-right corner, click the profile symbol.
  • Now, select Settings.
  • Choose the Connections tab.
  • Locate the Amazon option in the list and click Connect.
  • ‘Yes, Disconnect’ confirms the action.

Source: Amazon

  • Sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Select the Accounts and Lists tab.
  • Select Twitch Settings.
  • “Unlink” should be clicked.

How Long Is A Prime Gaming Subscription Good For?

A Prime Gaming Subscription is charged once per month. If players want to keep supporting their favorite streamer after their Prime Gaming subscription expires, they must re-subscribe.

This is how players can opt out of Prime Gaming. We hope you find this a helpful guide. See the latest Twitch Prime Gaming Loot Guide for additional such content.

Features of Prime Gaming

  • The Amazon Prime gaming home
  • Every month, you’ll get exclusive in-game loot, free games, a free Twitch TV membership, and everything else with Amazon Prime.

Is prime gaming included with amazon prime?

For well-known titles, Prime Gaming provides free downloading games as well as free in-game bonuses. A free monthly Twitch channel membership is also included. For additional information on Prime Gaming’s benefits, see “What Is Prime Gaming?” Whether you go for the monthly or annual plan, Prime comes with Prime Gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

How do I close my account with Prime Gaming?

Look for the “Your Membership” section under the “Your Account” menu. Decide whether to cancel your membership and confirm.

How long is the free trial period for Prime Gaming?


The gaming department of Amazon Prime

The first 30 days are cost-free. The trial period’s price is a mere $14.99 per month after that. You may stop at any time.

Do Amazon Prime Games Make Sense?

Prime Gaming is a great investment if you want to play games and watch streaming. In addition to receiving a free monthly subscription to support your preferred broadcaster, you are frequently eligible to receive free in-game cosmetics, premium items, experience bonuses, and other benefits.


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