How to cancel Shein Order (in 2023)

“Can I get my Shein order canceled?” “What happens if a Shein order is canceled?” “What happens if you cancel a Shein order?” and “What happens if you cancel a Shein order?” are two of the most frequently asked Shein questions. Today, we’ll look at Shein’s order cancellation procedure and discuss the intricacies.

The most crucial thing to remember is that you can cancel an order on Shein before it is sent. In this scenario, you must log into your Shein account, navigate your orders list, choose the order you wish to cancel, and click Cancel.

What is Shein

Shein is a well-known online shopping destination for fashionistas. Customers can choose from a wide range of fashionable and economical apparel and accessories.

Can I cancel an order on Shein?

When will it be possible to cancel Shein’s orders?

To examine the specifics of an order you want to cancel, log in to Shein and go to the My Orders section.

Look at the Order Status section. If you come across the following situations, you will be able to cancel them without any problems:

Orders in “Processing” status

This status displays when an order has already been approved and prepared by the vendor. This is a great time to cancel your order if it hasn’t been dispatched yet.

The time it takes for a product to be processed varies depending on the seller: some ship the same day, while others ship the next day or two days later, so it’s all a matter of luck.

Orders in “Unpaid” status

This is the most straightforward method of canceling orders. These transactions take a long time to complete because they involve a bank deposit or another payment type.

You normally have 24 hours to complete the transaction and, as a result, the payment order, so you can cancel it during that time.

Because the money was never received, there is no need to wait for a response. You will receive your points and discount vouchers within 24 hours of placing your order.

If you do not pay within that time frame, your order will be canceled; nevertheless, it is easier to do so from Shein to keep your points and coupons.

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How to cancel Shein Order (that already shipped)

You cannot cancel an order that has already been sent and is in the “Out of Warehouse” or “Shipped” status. Don’t be concerned; you may return the item for a refund.

The first step is to wait for the merchandise to arrive at your location. After that, you’ll have 45 days to return the item.

The Shein website or app must be used to finish the operation. Click “Return” after finding the order in “My Orders.” You’ll be given a label to put on the package and bring it to the collecting location.

Take into account the following:

  1. To be returned, a product must be in excellent condition.
  2. Refunds are offered in Shein credit or your preferred payment method. The Shein credit reimbursement is received quickly, but the cash refund takes around a month.
  3. The goods that cannot be returned are lingerie and intimate wear, bikinis, swimwear, costume jewelry, bodysuits, and accessories.
  4. The first return label is provided free of charge. If a second label is required to complete the return, it will cost $7.99 and be deducted from the refund amount.

Aside from the fact that you must return the item and wait for your refund in this instance, the process is straightforward; all you need to do is be patient.

Don’t worry; Shein is a reputable company, and you’ll receive your money back.

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Is it possible to cancel a SHEIN return?

Contact SHEIN customer service if you need to cancel a return that hasn’t been mailed yet.

Is it possible to cancel a SHEIN order beyond a certain date?

The following are the steps to get your money back in fewer than 45 days: – Ideal commodities include: Check to see sure all of the goods are working properly.

Do you believe in SHEIN’s website?

Is Shein a con artist? Shein is a well-known online shop. If you purchase something in the United States, they have a fantastic return policy (free shipping on the first package from your order within 30 days). Shein is one of the most rapidly expanding internet stores.


This article covers all you need to know about canceling and requesting a refund for SHEIN orders. It also demonstrates how SHEIN handles returns. I hope this knowledge is useful to you.

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