How to clean Derma Roller (in 2023)

Do you understand how to clean a derma roller properly? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll walk you through it.

Cleaning your derma roller entails disinfecting it to destroy microorganisms that cause diseases. Use isopropyl alcohol or colloidal silver to kill 99.99% of germs. Remember that you should never share a roller after sanitizing it.

What is a derma roller?

A derma roller is a type of skin care tool that is meant to help the skin renew itself, get rid of acne scars, and slow down the aging process.

Dermarolling, also known as micro-needling, was initially performed by a dermatologist. It is also widely done at home nowadays with little training.

How to clean Derma Roller?

Bacteria from a dirty derma roller could cause an imbalance in your hormones, leading to brown spots on your scalp.

Microneedling at home is a slightly invasive technique, and you must ensure that your derma roller is free of germs and bacteria, just like any surgical tool. To accomplish this, follow the steps outlined below:

1). Get rid of the residue

Skin cells and dried blood can become caught in the tiny needles of a derma roller when you roll it across your skin. You can get rid of it by using:

With toothbrush

clean the derma roller with toothburch

To begin, combine some liquid detergent with water in a container. Dip the derma roller into the soapy mixture and gently clean away any residue with a soft toothbrush. Don’t scrub too hard when doing this, or you’ll harm the fragile needles.

Rinse under hot tap water again and again until there is no residue left.

Remember to use a soft toothbrush and gentle movements. Oh, and use a fresh toothbrush rather than a used one!

The Sponge                   

You can also use a sponge to remove any debris attached to the needles.

Soak a clean sponge and roll the derma roller across its surface several times. This will eliminate any skin cells, products, or blood that have built up in the cracks of the device, which are usually hard to clean.

After that, properly rinse away the soapy water before continuing.

2). Disinfect and Soak

This is the most crucial step since cleansing ensures that your derma roller is free of germs and bacteria before using it. Here are some disinfectants you can use:

With Alcohol

Clean with isopropyl alcohol

Soak a derma roller in isopropyl alcohol to sanitize it for micro-needling at home. This substance is often known as rubbing alcohol and is used as a disinfectant. It can be easily obtained online or at a drugstore.

However, it would help if you used a solution at least 70% concentrated—nothing greater or lower. This is because anything more concentrated will evaporate too quickly, while something less focused may not be enough for some germs.

Place the derma roller in a dish or basin with enough solution to submerge the head.

To avoid pressure on the needles, try to place your derma roller upside down rather than face down. For example, DermRollers devices, for example, make this simple because of their curved necks, which ensure that the needles do not touch the surface below when you set them down.

Before starting, soak it in the alcohol solution for at least 10–15 minutes.

Utilize Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful disinfectant that may destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi. You can use a 3% concentration to clean most surfaces, including your derma roller.

Soak your derma roller in hydrogen peroxide for 10-15 minutes after completing the preceding instructions.

Tables for Dentures

Use some denture-cleaning pills to clean your derma roller if you don’t have any of the above things but have some on hand. Denture tablets clean and kill most bacteria found in retainers and dentures. As a result, you can also use them to disinfect your derma roller.

Place one tablet in a small basin of water. Next, insert the derma roller, making sure the head is submerged. Please leave it in the solution for as long as the instructions on the tablet say.

3). Cleaning and drying

dry the derma roller

Take your micro-needling tool out of the cleaning solution and give it a good rinse under hot water.

Finally, it must be dried before use. It’s ideal for letting the derma roller air dry, but ensure the needles don’t come into contact with anything. You may also hold it in your palm as it dries.

You may also roll the derma roller on a clean piece of tissue paper to dry it quickly, but this is not recommended because tissue fragments could become stuck on the sharp needles.

After completing all these processes, you can apply the derma roller to your skin/scalp.

Features of derma roller

  • Deep lines and wrinkles are removed.
  • Acne scars are reduced.
  • Stretch marks are removed.
  • It enhances the appearance of uneven skin tone.
  • Reduces the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Skin texture is smooth.
  • It improves skin care product absorption.
  • Skin renewal is stimulated.

Why should you clean your dermal roller?

  1. Coming into direct contact with your skin, whether on your hair or face, is a risk. It not only touches your skin but also punctures the layers of your scalp.
  2. If you don’t keep your derma roller clean, it might become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  3. In a study on micro-needling use, one patient in the micro-needling group got a bacterial infection.
  4. The residue on your scalp or derma roller might cause other disorders such as rosacea, eczema, and melasma, which is an unneeded complication.
  5. When microorganisms from your derma roller come into contact with your scalp, the blood vessels become visible, causing your scalp to look red and bumpy.
  6. Using an unclean derma roller on your scalp might potentially cause eczema.
  7. Your skin becomes inflamed and itches here. Inflammation and redness result from this.
  8. On your skin, melasma is a sort of pigmentation.
  9. Bacteria from a dirty derma roller could cause an imbalance in your hormones, leading to brown spots on your scalp.

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Does the derma roller need to be sterilized?

It would help if you, therefore, kept in mind to clean your derma roller both before and after each use. You must clean your derma roller even if you use it shortly after washing your hair.

Can I clean my derma roller with hot water?

Hot water kills bacteria and removes unwanted fungal development from the derma roller. After the derma rolling, pour hot, boiling water over the needles for a minute. Please keep it clean, so dust particles will not gather and dry. This takes approximately 3–4 minutes.

What alcohol do you use to clean your derma roller?

Please ensure the derma roller head is completely submerged in the 70% isopropyl alcohol solution for at least 30 minutes before soaking the device and letting it dry completely before using. The derma roller will not be disinfected entirely if you use less than 60% isopropyl alcohol.


This article explains How to clean derma roller by following written and visual instructions.

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