How to delete Mint Account (in 2023)

If you have a Mint account, you know how useful it is to keep track of your finances and store everything in one place. However, you may conclude that you will no longer use the Mint program. So here we will provide you the step-by-step information about how to delete Mint Account.

Intuit Mint

Mint is a free budgeting app that consolidates your financial accounts into one digital location, giving you a high-level snapshot of your financial situation. Users can also manage their spending and savings, set financial goals, and track their progress.

How do I delete my Mint Account?

Deleting your Mint account is simple if you start from your laptop or desktop browser. Mint’s website has a few features that aren’t available in the app, so you’ll have to deactivate your account from a computer.
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1. Signup and personalize your settings.

Signup and personalize your settings.

After you’ve signed into your account, you should notice a “Settings” option at the top of the screen. To delete your account, click this link.

2. Click “Sign In and Security” and “Delete Your Mint Account.”

Click “Sign In and Security” and “Delete Your Mint Account.”

There should be a “Sign In and Security” option among your options. Click it. You should see a “Delete Your Mint Account” button below a long list of options and settings.
If it isn’t visible, you haven’t linked any financial institutions to your Mint account. The “Delete Your Mint Account” button should appear at the bottom of your primary home screen once you’ve checked in.

3. Continue talking until you receive confirmation.

You’ll be prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the account if you choose this option. If you select “Yes,” you’ll be asked to confirm your password before you can click “Finish.”
Your account should then be completely erased.

4. Deletion may take up to six days, and communication may continue.

According to the Mint website, the deletion process can take four to six days. You’ll get confirmation of the account deletion and a couple more parting emails during that time.
You can contact them via their help page if you continue to get emails. One approach to ensuring that your account has been completely erased is to pay attention to your emails after they have been deleted.
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5. Uninstall the application.

The account cancellation is completed using Mint’s web version. As a result, return to your phone and delete the app to finish the deletion process.

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How to delete intuit account (Method 2)

Step 1: Open your preferred web browser.

Open your preferred web browser. Any online browser can be used, including Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Step 2: Navigate to the Intuit account manager and login in if requested.

Go to the Intuit account manager to access your Mint account. You will be routed to the Intuit homepage if you are logged in.

Step 3: Navigate to “Settings.”

Click “Settings” in the upper right corner of the page.

Step 4: Select “Sign In & Security ” from the drop-down menu.”

The “Settings” column will show on the page’s left side. From the drop-down box, select “Sign In & Security.”

Step 5: “Delete your Mint account.”

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Delete your Mint account.”

Step 6: Select the “YES, remove my Mint Account” checkbox.

To confirm your decision, click “YES, delete my Mint Account,” and you’re done!

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Why should we delete Intuit Mint?

Even though Mint is a traditional budgeting program, many users complain about synchronization difficulties.

  1. Mint is having issues connecting with several smaller banks and credit unions.
  2. The app’s utility suffers due to this, as data can go days without being updated.
    Ads may be unpleasant to users who do not want to spend $0.99 for an ad-free experience.
  3. The quantity of reports produced is negligible. A CSV file is required to build an account.
  4. Data from Quicken cannot be imported into Mint.

You’re also experiencing problems reconciling your bank statements every month.
Mint is an excellent tool for beginners and advanced users; however, it does have certain limitations. Remember, this is an entirely free service! Like any other free programme, Mint lacks advanced but essential features only available to premium subscribers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

What happens if I uninstall Mint?

Your Mint account has not been erased; you can still access it. The only difference is that you will no longer be able to access your data via the website or mobile app. Your data can still be exported and saved for future use.

Is it possible to delete a Mint account without a password or email address?

You won’t be able to cancel your Mint account if you can’t recover your password or use the correct email address. The sole exception is to demonstrate that you are an authorised individual closing out someone’s estate, which necessitates extensive documentation.

How do you deactivate or unlink a Mint bank account or credit line?

Select “Your Accounts” and make sure “All” is selected under the same “Settings” option as before. A gear symbol should appear next to each account. You should be able to delete the bank or credit account from your Mint account by clicking the gear button.


In conclusion, we learned how to delete a mint account quickly and easily, all the methods for removing the mint app from your devices, and more about mint.

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