How to Delete Rise of Kingdoms Account (in 2023)

Are you interested in learning how to delete your Rise Of Kingdoms account? I am confident that you have finally located what you were looking for, as we have carefully supplied instructions on how to delete it.

The company’s email spamming is one of the many reasons you may want to terminate your Rise of Kingdoms account.

Rise of Kingdoms

An online strategy game, Rise of Kingdoms, takes players to a fantastic world full of heroes and civilization. The web program lets users establish or change their account information, organize their city, erect structures to strengthen their defenses, join alliances with other towns, and fight monsters to defend their city.

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How to Delete Rise of Kingdoms Account

Delete Rise of Kingdoms Account
  1. Use the in-game support chat feature or write an email using the email address connected to your ROK account to
  2. You must provide a compelling justification for your request to detach your account from the Rise Of Kingdoms Database.
  3. If you send an email, be careful to give it a catchy subject line to avoid it going to spam.

Sadly, there is no official method of deleting or delinking accounts in Rise Of Kingdoms, 

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Rise of Kingdoms: Pros

  1. There are instances where you want to invest money to speed up your research or train your troops, but you may wait and return. There is no harm done.
  2. Then there’s Rise of Kingdoms, which looks fantastic. The individuals are well-modelled, and the cities are visually appealing, albeit untidy at times.
  3. The game is also visually appealing. Colour is essential when playing a game, especially on a mobile device. It helps you stay awake and focused, and there’s much of it in this game.
  4. Finally, the game’s gameplay cycle is enjoyable. It compels you to check in numerous times daily to see how your pet kingdom is doing and whether you require anything.
  5. This is a significant addition to the game. It has no game-changing or remarkable gameplay mechanics, simply plain old city management.

Rise of Kingdoms: Cons

  1. The worst portion of my experience with the game just so happens to be a large chunk of the game. It is a neighbourhood.
  2. Although it isn’t, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the community is toxic. The problem arises with varying levels of play.
  3. Every few days, the game’s developers, Lilith Games, create a new server for gamers to join. Because everyone is starting from the same spot, now is the most significant moment to start a character.
  4. Although there are people who will rise faster than you because they pay for extra advantages, I never felt at a disadvantage.
  5. The bad arises from the lack of a regional division in the community, which would make it easier to find a clan and converse in the public chat.
  6. Furthermore, there is no distinction between hardcore and casual players. I landed somewhere in the middle, and I have to say that the extra serious players make the game less enjoyable.
  7. Joining a clan is an essential component of the game. To get into some of the higher-level clans, you must have a certain amount of power.
  8. The head of the little, lower-level clan I was in tried to govern the clan as if we were a more prominent clan, and we were destroyed as a result. He subsequently became inactive.
  9. The most dedicated players band together and prey on the less committed ones. While it isn’t game-changing, it does detract from the game when you want to go about your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

In Rise of the Kingdoms, how do you remove data?

There are several methods for deleting data in Rise of the Kingdoms. In the game’s main menu, select “Delete Game Data.” You can also wipe data from your hard drive by removing files.

Is it possible to erase a character in Rise of Kingdoms?

In Rise of Kingdoms, you can delete a character. To do so, navigate the “Characters” menu and choose the character you wish to remove. Then, press the X button in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

How can you get rid of a game account?

You can delete your game account by browsing your Account Settings and pressing the Delete Account link. You can remove your account if you are not a registered game user by contacting customer care.


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