How to Delete Taimi account (in 2023)

Do you want to learn how to delete taimi account? So you are coming to the right place; in this article, we’ll walk you through the process of deleting your Taimi account. A social networking and dating app called Taimi for LGBTQI+ people allows them to be themselves while connecting with others.

What is Taimi

Taimi is LGBTQI+-friendly social networking and dating app. The network matches internet users according to their preferences and location. Taimi is compatible with both iOS and Android. The mobile application is available in both a free and a premium subscription-based version.

How to delete taimi account

Deleting your Taimi account isn’t as simple as uninstalling the app, though that’s what most people do. Otherwise, losing or stopping your Taimi account is straightforward, provided you still have access to the app. Here’s how to get started if you have your password and username. (If you can’t remember, don’t worry… we can help.)

There are two ways to delete taimi account in which

  • How to delete taimi account (Via App)
  • How to delete taimi account (Via Email)

How to delete taimi account (Via App)

  1. To sign in to your Taimi account, launch the Taimi app.
  2. In the screen’s drop-down menu in the bottom right corner, select Edit Profile from the list of available options.
  3. The settings are located in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. By scrolling down, you can find the Accounts section.
  5. By selecting “Disable Account” and providing the system with a justification, you can delete your Taimi account.
  6. You can permanently delete your account by selecting “remove account” from the menu.
  7. Click “Delete Account” and type your password into the resulting field to permanently delete your account.
  8. Your posts, conversations, and matches will be removed from the website when you delete your account. You cannot get it back; it is lost forever.

How to delete taimi account (Via Email)

  1. You only need to log in to the Taimi app or website using the registered email address, then select “create” or “compose” from the menu bar to create a new email.
  2. Instead of using Gmail’s default address in a message’s “To” field, use
  3. Please delete my Taimi account in the subject line of an email.
  4. When you’re finished writing your message, press the “Send” button to send it.

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Features of Taimi

The “Premium” section lists all the consumable premium features of Taimi Premium packages. These features depend on which subscription plan you choose.

To learn more about the features available or to sign up for one of these premium plans, please do the following:

  1. Taimi should be opened.
  2. Select your profile (the last option on the bottom menu).
  3. Choose “Premium”;
  4. Select your preferred plan and click “Activate” at the bottom of the screen.

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Alternative of Taimi

There are many Alternative to Taimi in which

  1. Hornet
  2. Grindr
  3. Jack’d
  4. Pride Mantra
  5. LGBT Counseling

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Is Taimi available for free?

We also offer premium features that call for a subscription, but they are entirely up to you. The Taimi app is free to use and does not require any payments or subscriptions.

What does being blacklisted on Taimi mean?

When you block someone, they are immediately prevented from viewing any content you have created, including cards and profile details. Additionally, they are no longer able to reach you.

Are we can take a screenshot of taimi?

Any user has the ability to photograph or screenshot your data.


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