How to Delete Tendermeets Account (in 2023)


TenderMeets is a new casual dating site that recently started. It contains the same basic functionality as a hundred other dating websites. We can confidently claim that it is also a complete waste of time after months of use.

I have learned that many people are having trouble canceling their tendermeets accounts. That’s why I’ve developed three methods for uninstalling and unsubscribing from tendermeets.

How to Delete Tendermeets

You can remove your account and unsubscribe from their mailing list if you are displeased with the dating service. Then you can do it using any of the ways listed above.

  1. TenderMeets accounts can be deleted.
  2. To delete your TenderMeets account/profile, follow the procedures below:
  3. Create a TenderMeets account.
  4. Go to the symbol on your profile.
  5. Select “My Settings” from the drop-down box.
  6. Then, at the very bottom of the page, select “Remove Account.”
  7. Finally, to erase your account/profile, follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Cancel Tendermeets

This step requires sending an email to tendermeets customer service. If you want to erase your tendermeets account permanently, call their customer service number and request that your profile be deactivated.

While your tendermeets account information will be collected, this is only to ensure that you are the account’s rightful owner. Please give them a few reasons why you’d like it removed. Now let’s move on to the second technique:

  1. To launch your email app, enter the email address associated with your tendermeets account.
  2. Tendermeets customer service should be contacted to have your profile erased from their database.
  3. Explain why you want to delete your account humbly.
  4. Give them access to your whole tendermeets account, starting with your login and a valid email address.
  5. Please send it to after you’re finished.

It’s as simple as waiting a few minutes for their customer service to answer. After you’ve canceled your tendermeets account, I’ll explain how to unsubscribe and stop receiving spam emails.

How to unsubscribe from tendermeets

Follow the instructions below to delete your account permanently.

  1. If you haven’t already, log in with the required credentials.
  2. After a successful login, I assume you see yourself on the site.
  3. If your profile photo or symbol hasn’t been uploaded, tap it.
  4. Please select My Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  5. To delete an account, scroll to the bottom of the new page and tap Delete Account.
  6. We’ve progressed to the next stage. Provide the account’s password to prove that you are the account’s owner.
  7. Check that you want to deactivate your account.
  8. We’re done when you enter the deletion code in the relevant email.

It is the most acceptable option for you. Is your departure essential? Please contact the support staff at +44 3444824945 if you have any issues. Otherwise, go to and select “Get Support” to fill out a form and get in touch with someone as soon as possible.

How safe are the website tendermeets?

While internet dating may be a simple method to find love, it can be just as dangerous as traditional dating. As a result, you should read TenderMeets’ terms of service before providing your financial information.

Assume you wish to upgrade your membership and must provide payment details. TenderMeets uses SSP protection in this circumstance to ensure that all payment information you give is safe.

TenderMeets’ privacy statement

The “Terms of Use” overview on TenderMeet explains how your data will be protected. It detailed how they utilize your images, for example, and that you must obtain permission before accessing the site. In addition, after you sign up and create an account, one of TenderMeets’ third-party partners will email you that they will replicate your profile on other platforms using your email address. They believe that by doing so, you will have a better chance of meeting someone you like.

  • TenderMeets’ third-party dating sites and applications will also use your images.
  • If the privacy policy irritates you, you might want to look into other dating sites that are more secure with your data.

Can TenderMeets locate you?
TenderMeets could not locate you or do a background check on any of its members.

Tendermeet App

There is currently no TenderMeets app available. Their website is the only source of functioning.


  • People hoping for a long-term connection should use this platform.

  • Making a profile is simple.

  • Site is user-friendly.

  • The UI is simple and elegant.


  • A constant flow of messages from bots you can’t reply to
  • When you try to answer messages, a prompt that requires you to upgrade your membership will appear
  • Pretty loaded with fake profiles using celebrities’ pictures

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Are tender meets worth it?

Overview. TenderMeets has a 4.56-star rating based on 39 reviews, indicating that most consumers are happy with their purchases. TenderMeets is the 429th most popular dating site.

What type of dating site is gentle?

Tinder is a paid subscription-based online dating app known for its swipe and matches feature. To join Tinder, you must first download the app and give basic details such as your age, location, gender, and gender preferences. More stories can be found in Business Insider’s Tech Reference Library.

Is it worthwhile to download Tinder?

Yes, Tinder is worthwhile if you’re willing to interact with folks searching for hookups or casual dating. Tinder, on the other hand, may be more trouble than it’s worth if you’re seeking a long-term relationship.

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