How to Get Daily Wire on Firestick in 2023


In 2015, political analyst Ben Shapiro and filmmaker Jeremy Boreing founded The Daily Wire, a conservative news website and media organisation based in the United States. One of its podcasts, The Ben Shapiro Show, is also a prominent Facebook publication.
The Daily Wire republishes conservative articles from major news organisations regularly. Fact-checkers discovered that numerous of The Daily Wire’s reports are false and that The Daily Wire frequently fabricates facts to advance a biased point of view. It has been a significant publisher of inaccurate and misleading climate change comments.

How to Get Daily Wire on Firestick.

How to Get Daily Wire on Firestick

You’ll need to sideload the Daily Wire app onto your Firestick if you want to utilise it.
Go to the Firestick’s settings and select the “Unknown Sources” option to install the Daily Wire Firestick app.

  1. In the Firestick’s settings, enable “Unknown Apps.”
  2. Navigate to the Settings icon on the Fire TV’s main screen.
  3. From the drop-down option, choose My Fire TV.
  4. Developer choices are available here.
  5. When you select Install Unknown Apps, a menu of options will appear.
  6. To use it, choose either Downloader or File Explorer.
  7. Open the Daily Wire app from your Fire TV Stick’s Apps section.
  8. The activation code displayed on the Fire TV must be noted down.
  9. Begin by going to the authorised daily wire site and completing the sign-in process.
  10. Click the Continue button once you’ve entered the Daily Wire activation code.
  11. Follow the on-screen directions to watch the Daily Wire on your Fire TV.

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How to Get Daily Wire on Firestick (With the help of ES File Explorer)

The ES File Explorer app will be used in the second method. It is, without a doubt, a capable media player and app downloader for Firestick.

Click here to learn how to download and install the ES File Explorer app on your Firestick device. Let’s start installing the Daily Wire app if you already have the ES File Explorer app installed and ready.

1st step: To begin, go to the My Apps & Games section of your Firestick and open the ES File Explorer app.

Step two: From the left-hand menu, select the Downloads section.

3rd step: Now, at the bottom of the app screen, click the +New icon.

4th Step: In the designated field, type the URL for the Daily Wire app.

5th Step: Name the file and click the Download button simultaneously to begin the downloading process.

6th step: To install the app on your Firestick, open the APK file, scroll to the bottom, and click the Install button.

7th step: After installing the app, make sure to delete the Daily Wire APK file from your Firestick device.

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Daily wire Subscription

There are three different types of subscriptions available. The three access levels are Reader’s pass, Insider, and All Access. The Readers pass is $4 per year, Insider is $14 per month and $12 per year, and All-Access is $20 per year. Make an informed decision about your subscription plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Is a daily wire on a firestick?

Customers with an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick can use the Daily Wire app. Daily wire to Amazon’s brilliant TV offering is the latest in a long line of OTT video integrations, including Apple TV, Android TV, and Xbox One.

How to Download Daily Wire on Firestick?

  • On your Fire TV’s home screen, tap the Find button.
  • Then choose Search.
  • Afterwards, type the app’s name (Daily wire) you want to download.
  • Then scroll down and choose the app’s name.
  • Then, choose the app icon.
  • Last but not least, choose Download.

What should I do if my Fire Stick isn’t capable of streaming cable?

  • Using Social Networking Apps
  • On the home screen of your FireStick, press the Find button.
  • Scroll down to the Search link at the bottom of the page to begin your search.
  • Start entering “Absolutely important Extra” into the on-screen keyboard with your remote.
  • You can get or download an app by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • Wait for the application to download and install before continuing.


Daily Wire is not currently available in the Amazon App Store. You must first download the Daily Wire apk file. If you enjoy podcasts, you should give Daily Wire a try on your Fire TV and then thank me later.

Please ensure that you disable “Apps from unknown sources” after installing Daily Wire, as this can lead to the installation of malicious attacks.

You can contact us via the comment section if you have any questions about “How to install Daily Wire on Firestick.”

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