How to Get Money Off Netspend Account without Card (in 2023)

If you want to take money out of your NetSpend account without using a card, you’ve come to the perfect place. Even if your NetSpend card isn’t with you, you can still utilize the money in your account.

Here we will provide information about how to get money on your Netspend account without a card.


Netspend is a corporation that facilitates the issuance of FDIC-insured prepaid debit cards to consumers and companies. Sometimes marketed as a finance or money management tool, Netspend provides clients appealing advantages. With over ten million Netspend users, plastic appears to reign supreme.

How to Get Money Off Netspend Account without Card

There are situations when you need money but do not have your credit card. It occurs, but have no fear. It is possible to withdraw funds from your Netspend account without using a card with the help of different methods.

  1. Transfer funds to a friend’s account and have them withdraw the funds.
  2. Transfer funds to a different bank account
  3. View the card information within the Netspend app.
  4. Utilize the Netspend card via Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or the Cash App.

How to Get Money Off Netspend Account without Card (by transferring funds to a friend’s)

If you need funds immediately from your Netspend account, you can transfer funds or send money to other Netspend account holders.

You can transfer funds to a trusted family member or friend who also uses Netspend (or an ACE Elite, Control, or Purpose cardholder) via your online account or the Netspend app on your mobile device. Then, you could ask a trusted friend or family member for financial assistance.

Additional requirements for sending money to other Netspend users:

  1. Name of a friend or relative
  2. FlashPay ID (This can be found in your online Netspend account portal)

As a Netspend account holder, you can transfer funds from any U.S. bank to your Netspend account, but not the other way around. Netspend accepts incoming funds, but specific requirements must be met before transferring or sending funds.

How to Get Money Off Netspend Account without Card (Transfer to other banks)

You could also send the funds to yourself if you have an alternate bank account or financial application. Link your Netspend account or card to the service, then initiate a transfer.

Most applications provide instant transfers. Some charge a 1.5 percent fee, while others, such as Zelle, provide the service for free.

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How to Get Money Off Netspend Account without Card (by Netspend app)

If you have a Cash App account, you can also transfer your NetSpend Funds to that account.
The Cash App allows you to add funds by entering prepaid card details such as the card number, CVV code, and expiration date (the process is the same as adding a debit card). Consider linking your NetSpend card to the Cash App and transferring money from your NetSpend account to your Cash App account.

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How to Get Money Off Netspend Account without Card (by PayPal & other Cash App)

Both Paypal and CashApp are well-known for peer-to-peer money transactions. But it’s important to note that neither Paypal nor CashApp is a bank.
Netspend’s website shows PayPal as one of the methods for adding funds to a user’s account, but there is no mention of sending money out. Paypal serves as the intermediary when sending money to CashApp.
Ensure you can log in to your Netspend account to view the financial information connected to your card before using any money transfer app. Then, open an account on each platform for money transfers. Provide your Netspend account information after completing the registration process.
CashApp requires you to enter your Netspend account information (account number and routing number) as if you were adding a bank. CashApp does not support prepaid debit cards; therefore, linking your Netspend account via a debit card is impossible. Enter your Netspend details into the PayPal application. In addition, you must connect it to a bank.

A few essential points to keep in mind while withdrawing money from Netspend using CashApp and Paypal:

  1. The initial procedure is extensive. Signing up for each platform and entering the required information takes time.
  2. PayPal continuously verifies any new banks. The verification process could take several days.
  3. Consider the transferred amount carefully. Paypal will impose a hold on doubtful accounts to ensure they are legitimate.

Your PayPal account must be connected to both CashApp and Netspend. After your Netspend account has been validated through PayPal, you can now transfer funds from Netspend to PayPal. And via your PayPal account to CashApp, If you have a second bank account, you can also use PayPal to facilitate the transfer from Netspend to that account.

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Can funds be transferred between Netspend and Cash App?

Although it is not the most convenient way to transfer funds to your account, it is your best alternative. Since Netspend is not a bank, you cannot attach your Netspend card straight to Cash App. In addition, it exclusively offers prepaid credit cards and no checking or savings accounts. See which fast-food restaurants accept PayPal.

What is the cost of ordering a Netspend card?

You’ll be pleased to learn that obtaining and activating a Netspend card is free. However, this does not imply that the account is fee-free. It does. And some individuals find them excessive.

How do I receive money from Netspend?

I now have money, but I need to pay off a large balance on my credit card without spending a lot of money. Does anyone know how they accomplished this feat? Not to mention that you do not utilize a bank. You will be able to withdraw large sums of money from any bank that allows over-the-counter cash withdrawals. Simply visit any bank (Regions is my favorite) and request an over-the-counter withdrawal for the desired amount. Your Net Spend card and a valid photo ID are necessary. That is all I have to say; I suppose that is a one-time fee.


Said, a Netspend prepaid card is fantastic if you want to manage your finances properly. You only need to load it with your desired monthly spending amount. Indeed, the payment service offers a separate savings account program, which is unrelated to your prepaid cash. Therefore, the amount you set for the prepaid card will remain unchanged until you transfer those funds to your Savings Account.

As for how to withdraw money from a Netspend account, the card is the easiest and quickest option, as it can be used at any Visa/MasterCard ATM. Alternatively, you can receive your payments by PayPal, Western Union, or the Cash back option without a physical card.

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