How to Get Pure Prisms in FGO

How to Get Pure Prisms in FGO

How to Get Pure Prisms in FGO


FGO, or Fate/Grand Order, is a popular mobile game that combines elements of role-playing and turn-based strategy. In FGO, players have the opportunity to collect various in-game resources to enhance their gameplay experience. One such resource is the pure prism, which holds significant value within the game. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining pure prisms in FGO and offer tips on maximizing their potential.

How to Obtain Pure Prisms:

  1. Daily Logins and Missions:

    • Logging into FGO daily rewards players with various items, including pure prisms.
    • Completing daily missions and objectives also grants pure prisms as a bonus.
  2. Event Rewards and Exchange Shops:

    • FGO frequently organizes events that offer exclusive rewards, including pure prisms.
    • Events often feature exchange shops where players can trade event-specific currencies for pure prisms.
  3. Burning Servants and Craft Essences:

    • In FGO, players have the option to “burn” unwanted Servants and Craft Essences in exchange for rare prisms.
    • Rare prisms can be used to purchase valuable items from the Rare Prism Shop, including pure prisms.
  4. Rare Prism Shop:

    • The Rare Prism Shop is a dedicated store where players can directly purchase pure prisms using rare prisms.
    • Rare prisms can be obtained by burning duplicate 4-star or 5-star Servants, as well as certain Craft Essences.

Efficient Farming Methods:

  1. Clearing Story Quests and Free Quests:

    • Progressing through the game’s main story quests and completing free quests can reward players with pure prisms.
    • Clearing specific story chapters or challenging high-difficulty quests may yield additional pure prisms.
  2. Participating in Events and Event Shops:

    • Events often provide ample opportunities to obtain pure prisms.
    • Engaging in event quests, participating in event-specific activities, and accumulating event points can unlock pure prisms as rewards.
    • Event shops frequently offer pure prisms as exchangeable items, making it beneficial to prioritize their acquisition.
  3. Utilizing Support System and Friend Points:

    • Leveraging the support system allows players to borrow high-level Servants from other players.
    • Using these powerful allies to clear difficult content can reward players with pure prisms.
    • Friend Points, obtained by selecting support Servants from other players, can be exchanged for items in the Friend Point Gacha, which occasionally contains pure prisms.
  4. Utilizing the Chaldea Gate:

    • The Chaldea Gate is a section of the game that offers various daily quests and challenges.
    • Clearing specific Chaldea Gate quests, such as the Ember Gathering or Training Grounds, may yield pure prisms as rewards.

Tips for Maximizing Pure Prisms:

  1. Prioritizing Event Participation:

    • Events often provide the most efficient methods for obtaining pure prisms.
    • Actively participating in events, completing event quests, and accumulating event points will significantly boost your pure prism collection.
  2. Strategically Burning Unwanted Servants:

    • Carefully consider which Servants to burn for rare prisms.
    • Prioritize burning duplicate Servants or those with lower rarity to maximize pure prism acquisition while preserving valuable Servants for gameplay purposes.
  3. Managing Craft Essences:

    • Craft Essences can also be burned for rare prisms.
    • Evaluate your collection of Craft Essences and consider burning duplicates or those that offer little benefit to optimize your pure prism gains.
  4. Making Use of Enhancements:

    • Enhancing Servants and Craft Essences using Super and Great Success can yield additional pure prisms.
    • Prioritize enhancing Servants or Craft Essences that you plan to burn, increasing the chance of obtaining more pure prisms.

In conclusion, pure prisms are a valuable resource in FGO that can be obtained through various methods. By participating in events, clearing quests, and making strategic choices, players can acquire a substantial amount of pure prisms to enhance their gameplay experience. Remember to prioritize event participation, manage your Servants and Craft Essences wisely, and make use of enhancements to maximize your pure prism collection. Enjoy your journey in Fate/Grand Order and make the most of your pure prism endeavors!