How to get sound on Reddit (in 2023)

Do you wish to discover the Reddit sound? If so, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll walk you through the process. 

If your smartphone’s Reddit app isn’t working, you can generally fix it by force-restarting the program. You could also clear the app’s cache, log out of your account, or reinstall it. Restarting your phone may also restore Reddit app functionality.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news aggregation, content review, and conversation platform in the US. Registered users publish stuff to the site, such as links, text entries, photos, and videos, which other users rate positively or negatively.

How to get sound on Reddit?

Users are most likely experiencing this problem while watching videos in an NSFW community. Because the platform mutes all videos that people watch here. So, what is Reddit doing? Because the video contains adult content, Reddit does this. Reddit labels videos with explicit material as NSFW. As a result, the video is immediately muted. This is not to say that the original video does not have an audio file that may be played. Users can, however, watch such videos with audio if they like. Let us go over how to tackle this problem step by step.

Sound on Reddit 2

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Sound on the Reddit App

  • To begin with, go to the desktop version of Reddit.
  • Enter your username and password to access your account.

Go to your account settings and turn on adult content. Follow the steps below to browse NSFW communities and enable video sound:

  • On the app screen, click the menu icon.
  • To begin, select the Settings option. Then click on the Account Settings button.
  • The adult content option can be found in the feed settings.
  • You can turn it on by clicking the white circle next to the “adult content” option.
  • Bring your phone with the app if you have allowed adult content on the desktop version.

On this device, install the Apollo app. If you have an Android smartphone, go to Google Play and download the Sync app.

  • Then, sign in with your Reddit account to access this app.
  • Expand the video you wish to watch with audio on the platform.
  • Finally, unmute regular videos by clicking on the speaker icon.

How to get sound on Reddit iPhone?

Turn Off Reddit Quiet Mode on iOS

Quiet mode is an iOS Reddit app feature that mutes all videos by default. So, while one video should unmute all videos, this isn’t the case if Quiet Mode is on. You must unmute each video individually.

  • Here’s how to see if Quiet Mode is enabled and how to disable it:
  • Once the Reddit app is open, tap the profile icon in the upper left corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Toggles the Quiet audio mode toggling the switch to the off position.

How to get sound on Reddit Apollo?

Some movies on Reddit do not have sound, no matter what you do. Some Reddit users have found that third-party tools like Apollo for Reddit and Sync for Reddit can be helpful in these situations.

Some of these are Reddit client apps, so you can use them without fear of disclosing your Reddit login information. However, you should always be cautious when installing any third-party program, especially if it has access to your Reddit account.

Features of Reddit

  • Reddit is a platform that mixes web content, social news, a forum, and a social network into one massive beast.
  • Registered users can contribute to the site by uploading images, text, videos, and links.
  • Other members can vote up or down on all content on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

How do you unmute someone on Reddit?

  • Log in to your Reddit account first. 
  • Find and watch a video.
  • Look for the speaker icon.
  • Mute the video.

How can I change the volume on the Reddit app?

  • Tap or click the speaker icon.
  • This icon shows as a speaker with an x next to it in the lower right corner of the video. This indicator will not appear if the video does not contain an audio track. Tap this icon again to mute the video.

How come Reddit videos aren’t playing?

If your smartphone’s Reddit app isn’t working, you can generally fix it by force-restarting the program. Other solutions include:

  • Emptying the cache of the Reddit app.
  • Logging out of your account.
  • Even reinstalling it.

Restarting your phone may also restore Reddit app functionality.


I hope you found this information very helpful, and please leave any questions in the comments section. More tutorials and updates will be coming soon. Soon, I’ll be back with another informative tutorial.

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