How to Install Kodi on OTT TV Box (in 2023)

This tutorial will show you how to install Kodi on Android devices so you can watch many free movies, TV shows, live streams, sports, and other content. Kodi can be installed on any Android device in just a few steps, which we will outline below.

We’ll install Kodi on both an Android TV device and a stock Android device in this tutorial. If you’re unsure what the differences between Android operating systems are, check out our resource guide below.

What is OTT TV Box?

The Ott TV box has been dubbed one of the most technologically advanced and youthful generations of multipurpose players. This would have been the ideal home multimedia gateway for accessing the internet and social media.

This box has a web browser, 2D/3D/4D games, Skype video conferencing, and other programs and functions. The Android operating system is compatible with these applications. It may be controlled wirelessly using a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, or air remote. External storage devices like USB flash drives, USB storage devices, and memory cards can be used.

How Kodi helps you

Kodi makes it incredibly simple to stream video, images, audio, and other material to your television. Kodi add-ons make it a popular alternative for online streaming due to its breadth of possibilities. You may install Kodi on an OTT TV box by following these instructions. Kodi on an OTT TV box will be fun and entertain you in various ways. Most Kodi users choose the OTT TV box 4K version of Kodi. As a result, their hunt will be concluded by completing this article.

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There are many ways to install Kodi on OTT TV Box in which

  • How to Install Kodi Via USB
  • How to Install Kodi Via Google Play store

How to Install Kodi Via USB.

How to Install Kodi Via USB
  • You’ll need a USB stick, sometimes known as a “pen drive,” to use this method. Kodi will be loaded on the OTT TV box using a USB thumb drive. To begin, navigate to the Kodi website on your computer. To do so, go to your computer’s address bar and type in It will display the website’s home page as depicted in the image.
  • The top of the page is divided into several areas, including home, downloads, and add-ons. Select “Downloads” from the connections, which may vary from site to site, to download a file new page will open when you click the “Downloads” ten. The official download page for Kodi may be found here. The situation appears to be the same in the images above. Go to the ARM page by clicking here. This link takes you to the Android version of the Kodi app.
  • When you click on the ARM file stated above, the APK file for the Kodi software will be downloaded. Save the Kodi for OTT TV box download in a safe place for easy access. Before removing the USB stick from the PC, copy the Kodi for OTT TV Box APK file.
  • After safely detaching the drive from the PC, please attach it to the OTT TV box you’re currently using. Each OTT TV box has a USB connector that can be used to connect a thumb drive. All you need to do now is follow the steps below.
  • After plugging in the OTT TV box, navigate to the main screen of the Android TV box. My recommendations, online videos, and settings are also included. Go to MY APPS and click on them to get these additional capabilities.
  • Your OTT TV box will open and display all currently loaded apps when you pick MY APPS. All you have to do in these programs is select “File Browser. The file browser appears when you enter the app collections and click on the FILE BROWSER, as seen below.
  • The name of the USB stick that was previously linked to the machine shows on the screen. Click on it to open it.
  • The entire contents of the thumb drive are accessible. Double-click the Kodi for the OTT TV box APK file we previously stored on the PC.
  • A dialogue box will appear if you double-click the APK file for Kodi OTT TV Box 4K. When installing this app on your smartphone, you must grant it access to specific privacy and device settings, as described below. It asks if you want to install or cancel it on the bottom page. Select those options and click the install button to install Kodi on an OTT TV box.
  • When you pick Install in the previous step, the Kodi APK file is downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Even though the installation is straightforward, it can take a few minutes. The image will look just like it does when the installation is finished. Click on it to launch the Kodi app.
  • The app will operate on your smartphone when you tap the open button. The image above depicts the home page of the Kodi application once it has been launched. Bingo! Kodi, this over-the-top (OTT) television box, has been installed successfully.

How to Install Kodi Via Google Play store

How to Install Kodi with the help of Google Playstore
  • This is the quickest and most straightforward method for installing Kodi on an OTT TV box. To begin, verify that your box is connected to the internet. It would help if you visited the Google Play Store, accessible via the pre-installed programs in the box.
  • Type “Kodi” into the search box and click the search button to locate this application. The graphic above clearly illustrates this process.
  • Following your search, you will be shown a list of programs associated with Kodi. In this situation, you must select Kodi as the first choice. The original app is often recognized as the official site demand now. By clicking on it, you can specify that application.
  • When you select the app, you’ll be sent to the Kodi app’s page, noticing an “Install” button on the right-hand side. When you click “Install,” a dialogue box detailing the terms and conditions will appear. The ACCEPT button must be pressed.
  • Acceptance initiates the application’s download. This could take a little time, depending on your internet connection speed. The image above will appear when the download and installation steps are completed.

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Kodi Review

H. Geoffrey

What do you enjoy the most?
Cody’s highly customizable interface allows you to play various file types. It also has radio, DVR, and emulation capabilities. There are numerous plugins available to accomplish almost any task. There are plugins available that allow you to stream music while also providing visualisations. If you want to play some old games, there are emulator plugins for almost every console ever made. Want to keep track of your viewing habits and receive recommendations? It’s simple to integrate with services like Trakt to get guidance, have your views scrambled, and find lists of content that interest you. gathered and hosted the review.

What are your pet peeves?
They can be buggy sometimes, and add-ons must be updated to maintain support. Although the skin/UI can be glitchy or inconvenient sometimes, there is more good than bad.

J. Fred

What do you enjoy the most?
Kodi has the potential to become my go-to open-source app for watching IPTV, YouTube, and free TV on my Xbox.
It was easy to use, and its incredible features allowed me to create an unlimited number of plans and ideas. Kodi runs smoothly on both consoles and computers, which is fantastic. If you don’t like the UI or skin, you can download and apply them in less than a minute and have a new interface. gathered and hosted the review.

What are your pet peeves?
There are many things I could complain about, but it’s free, and I’ve never been asked for any additional fees, so that’s all I have to say. The app isn’t very smooth; it crashes and freezes from time to time and has many useless add-ons that don’t do much once installed. Review collected by and hosted on

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

How would I install Kodi’s shield?

  • Navigate to the home screen of your NVIDIA SHIELD and choose the Apps option just on the left. From your main screen or apps screen, select the Downloader app.
  • On the Downloader main screen, click the URL box and type Kodi. Tv/download. Then click the “Go” button.

Why isn’t the Kodi app working?

While the server is unavailable or closed, Kodi add-ons and builds are generally unusable. Several lesser-known repositories are not well-maintained, while the more well-known ones are. If the server goes down, you will be unable to access the warehouse until it is repaired.


This tutorial covers everything from deleting your account to deactivating it by following the written and visual instructions.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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