How to Install OTT TV Box 4K in 2023 

One of the best aspects of cable TV is that it is ready to use. When you cut the cord and elect to use an Android TV box, you are entirely on your own in terms of setup. That is why you require my simple Android TV setup instructions.

While each Android TV box is unique, with somewhat different hardware and setup instructions, there are a few basic rules to follow if your new TV box runs the Android operating system. All of these will be covered in the article that follows.


An OTT app is a software application that may be put on a smart device, such as a smart TV or a game console, to allow consumers to watch online video content directly on their televisions.

We can install ott tv on different Android tv Boxes.

How to Install OTT TV Android TV BOX

Install OTT TV Android TV BOX

Android TV devices with Google Play are the most widely used OTT boxes. Once set up, OTT boxes allow you to watch thousands of movies and shows from various streaming services.

  • At this point, your Apple TV box should be plugged into a power source.
  • Your Apple TV box should be plugged into one of your television’s HDMI ports.
  • You can broadcast over an ethernet connection if you cannot connect to a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Use the Apple TV remote to switch on your Apple TV box and television.
  • Select the location and nation you want to watch with the Apple TV remote.
  • The following step is to decide whether you want to set up Apple TV with a device or manually.

How to Install XBMC on OTT TV Box

The official name for the now-there “KODI” was “XBMC.” Use this app on your Android TV Box to enjoy your favourite shows, movies, and music. You can use this to watch your favourite TV shows on a large screen.

Method #1: Download XBMC from the Google Play Store and install it.
Installing XBMC on your Android TV Box couldn’t be easier or more secure than this. Nothing much is going on here. It’s as simple as going to the Play Store on your Android TV Box and downloading it.

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Here’s how it’s done:

  • The first step is downloading and installing XBMC from the Google Play Store.
  • Go to the Play Store by selecting it from the HOUSE menu.
  • Press the Enter key after typing “XBMC ” into the search box.
  • Click on Install to begin installing the first option you see.
  • Wait for the setup to complete.
  • Open Kodi after the installation is finished.
  • You should now be able to see something like:

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Step 2: Install XBMC on your computer.

In Kodi, most basic configurations already exist, so you won’t need to change anything. However, the Kodi universe can be explored for a short period.

  • Your network-stored data is now readily available to you.
  • Everything is instantly linked to your system.
  • To begin viewing your files, you had to start XBMC.
  • In Kodi, you can choose the media you wish to watch on the left side of the screen.
  • You may even include a few extra components in your recipe.

That was all there was to it with this technique. XBMC may now be used whenever you like on your Android TV Box. If you’re still unable to get XBMC to work, try the second method instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

How can I set up a repository in XBMC?

  • Go to the Kodi main menu.
  • In the ‘None’ section, enter the URL of the repository you want to install and click ‘Done.’
  • Return to your home screen and go to Addon-ones, where you can enter Add-on Browser by clicking the box-like icon.

How can I get XBMC to work on my Android device?

To enable step 1, go to the settings menu on your Android device and look for the “security” section. Step 2: Check the box next to “Unknown sources.” This allows you to install XBMC just like you would from the Play Store. Online servers are where you can get XBMC for Android.

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