How to Install STB Emulator on Firestick 4k (in 2023)

If you want to learn how to Install STB Emulator on Firestick 4k and stream thousands of movies, TV shows, and live TV directly to your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV, you’ve come to the right place. This manual will step-by-step walk you through installing an app STB emulator, which is used to stream IPTV services.

Because it is one of the minor expensive streamers available, the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV have become household staples. One bad thing about having a Firestick is that Amazon strongly encourages users to connect it to other Amazon products. This makes it harder for users to leave Amazon’s ecosystem.

STB Emulator App

StbEmu is an Android 5.0+ application that allows you to load IPTV web portals built to run on IPTV STBs (Stb-Top-Boxes) on Android-based devices such as phones, tablets, and TV boxes.

How to Install STB Emulator on Firestick 4k

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You’ve now installed the STB emulator app on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV. The app’s configuration would be the next step. You must have an active MAC address to begin streaming. You can find this MAC address in the settings we’ll show you, and an IPTV provider will need it to start the service.

  1. When you launch the STB emu app, you’ll see the screen below, from which you can select the “configure” option.
  2. It’s perfectly normal to see a blue screen. Use the mouse cursor on your Firestick remote to reveal the on-screen remote and select the upper right hand. Click on the three dots to access the drop-down menu and enter the settings.
  3. Navigate to “Profiles” in the STB emulator app’s settings.
  4. When the “New Profile” option is highlighted, hover over it and press enter.You can make more than one profile and switch between them if you have more than one server.
  5. Next, navigate to “Portal Settings.”
  6. The first option here will be ‘Portal URL.’ You will need to edit this field depending on your current IPTV service. Your IPTV provider should provide this.
  7. Return to the profile settings from step 5 and select the “STB configuration” option.
  8. In STB configuration, look for the MAC address that begins with 00:1A:79. This is the address you must provide to your service provider. You must enter the correct MAC address here, allowing the STB emulator to connect to the server.
  9. If a MAC address was generated for you, change the default MAC address to match the one created.
  10. Now that we’ve finished configuring the app keep pressing back or exit until you see the blue screen. Move the mouse cursor anywhere on the screen to reveal the on-screen remote. Select the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  11. This will open the drop-down menu. Selecting a profile twice causes the screen to flash and the portal to restart. If you did everything right and your service was turned on, a yellow loading bar will show up.
  12. You can also reload the portal by selecting the option “reload portal” in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

How to get the STB Emulator App Activation Code

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  1. You’re downloading an app or a code file.
  2. Click the “download” button to the right.
  3. Another table will open when you click the “download” button. Will be launched
  4. Your software file was successfully downloaded.

Features of the STB Emulator

  1. 5000+ channels from around the world
  2. The playlists for each channel are sorted by category.
  3. Channels and EPG lists load quickly.
  4. Beautiful menu presentation.
  5. HD, SD, and a global channel list
  6. Simple to use in a mobile phone
  7. It is simple to change the resolution of the channels.

Finally, it is available in both free and paid versions. More features, such as the ability to record videos and take screenshots, are available in the pro version.



  • A user interface designed specifically for television that is straightforward and easy to use.
  • Multiple IPTV portal profiles are supported.
  • Allows several devices to access the same IPTV account at the same time if set to utilise arbitrary MAC addresses.
  • Input keys can be mapped to accommodate a variety of remote devices or keypads.
  • Some remote control apps can transform your smartphone or tablet into a remote control.


  • It is intended for use with set-top-box remote controls. Some buttons on your TV box remote control may be disabled.
  • Touch-screen or mouse-pointer devices are not supported.
  • A mouse pointer is required for the voice search function.
  • M3U Playlists and Xtream Codes are not supported.

STB Emulator

  • IPTV Smarters Pro
  • Perfect Player
  • Tivimate
  • GSE Smart IPTV
  • XCIPTV Player

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Is STB Emulator Pro free?

Yes, you may use the StbEmu Pro app for Firestick for free. However, it does not allow you access to its channels; therefore, you must join up for an IPTV service.

Is STB Emulator Pro legal to use?

Emulators are permissible. However, STB Emulator Pro cannot guarantee that the content provided by your IPTV subscription is legal. So, if you utilize IPTV emulator pro apps like STB Pro and wish to remain out of legal difficulties, use IPVanish.

Is it possible to play games on a Fire TV?

The Amazon Fire TV 4-Series is an excellent TV for gaming. It offers excellent low input lag, making gaming responsive; however, it lacks high-bandwidth HDMI 2.1 connections and does not enable sophisticated gaming features such as FreeSync.


I hope you found this information very helpful, and please leave any questions in the comments section. More tutorials and updates will be coming soon. Soon, I’ll be back with another informative tutorial.

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