How to make Money on Onlyfans without Showing your Face (in 2023)

If you want to publish videos of your work and make money online simultaneously, you could do both. If that’s the case, we have a brand-new platform where you can make money by taking and posting pictures or videos of the goods you want to sell. Of course, your guess was accurate. The platform you will learn about today is called Onlyfans.

What is Onlyfan

Online content is available via the subscription service OnlyFans. Its main office is in London, United Kingdom. Although the service is primarily used by those who produce pornography for the sex industry, it also hosts the work of other content producers, including musicians and fitness experts.

Can you earn money from only fans without faces?

The platform demands that authors provide their actual photos and passport information as identification. This does not, however, imply that the real name should be made public for viewing by other users. The same is true of the people who came up with them.

Even though the platform hosts a variety of content, many people mistake OnlyFans for an adult website. This is a great way to increase their income for artists like musicians, dancers, fitness instructors, personal coaches, etc. However, the platform’s most well-known creators continue to maintain pornographic pages.

Without revealing your identity, you can make money on the website. The best way to hide and maintain your OnlyFans account’s anonymity is to create a character for your online persona. You can give yourself a fictitious name or a moniker. On OnlyFans, these pages are pretty standard.

How to make Money on Onlyfans without Showing your Face

Follow these steps to make money on onlyfans without showing your face

How to make Money on Onlyfans without Showing your Face

1). Give yourself a stage name.

Being anonymous requires keeping your identity a secret. Choose a fictitious name, pseudonym, alias, or another name on the app. This frequently happens when singers want to go by a different name in the music business (think Lady Gaga).

Make sure there are no nicknames or references to your real name in your stage name. Don’t use a shortened version like Jess if your name is Jessica. Choose a short, simple stage name that will stick in the minds of your audience.

2). Pay attention to your tattoos and scars.

Have you ever had a “love” tattoo on your wrist or a cute birthmark on your neck? Any mark will let people know who you are. In photographs, you should cover up any scars, burns, tattoos, or birthmarks you may have. If posing and using props aren’t enough to hide your marks, you can use photo editing apps to remove them.

Many photo editing apps now include blending, cropping, deleting, and blemish removal tools to help you create stunning images free of blemishes and other marks that could be used to identify you.You can also use these tools to hide your face, your surroundings, or anything else that reveals where you are.

3). Don’t show your face.

Making Money on OnlyFans Without Putting Your Face Out There

  • “Don’t show your face” might seem like an obvious thing to say, but it needs to be said.
  • If you gain popularity on OnlyFans, people will probably try to get you to reveal your face.
  • You’ve probably heard the saying, “You want what you can’t have.”
  • People might be more interested in you if you don’t show your face.
  • Don’t let anyone make you show your face if you don’t want to.

You can create a paid content upgrade where subscribers who pay more can view it if you want to display your face but not in your main feed. Just be aware that if they do, your OnlyFans account may be used to link any photos of you that reveal your face to the leak.

4). Pick a specialty.

As they say in online business, “the riches are in the niches.”

  1. A niche is a subject you write about, depending on where you’re from. It’s pronounced either “nitch” or “niche.”
  2. What can your followers expect from you if you don’t appear in your content?
  3. You can create a niche on OnlyFans based on your appearance (think cosplay) or a particular body part (like selling feet pictures).
  4. Fit girls or girls who enjoy working out are a good niche on OnlyFans to target if you don’t want to reveal your face.

5). Open up new social media accounts and use them.

Social media is one of the most crucial elements of any marketing strategy today.

  1. Promote your OnlyFans page on additional social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and even message boards like Reddit. Due to this, people will have an easier time finding your page on OnlyFans.
  2. You could start there since many OnlyFans niches already have Reddit forums where you can talk about your page.
  3. When using social media, make sure there are no links to your accounts or other ways for people to identify you.
  4. When creating new social media accounts, it’s best to use an email address that has nothing to do with your name or nickname.

6). Activate the GeoBlocking function.

With the help of OnlyFans’ “geoblocking” feature, you can stop people from viewing your content in a particular location, such as where you live.

  1. Here’s how to limit access to particular places:
  2. Go to the settings page by clicking.
  3. Choose “security.”
  4. Scroll down until you see “geoblocking.”
  5. Choose the nations you don’t want to be included.
  6. Select “save changes” from the menu.

If you know someone’s IP address, you can stop them from seeing your profile. If you know a specific person’s IP address, you can prevent them from seeing your profile.

But bear in mind that a VPN can be used to circumvent this.

7). Make it possible for people to register for your service.

You can make money with OnlyFans in many ways, such as by charging for messages. On the other hand, offering a subscription to your content is the best way to earn money from OnlyFans without putting on a face.

Use OnlyFans as a monthly or annual subscription service to offer your devoted fans helpful content.

Even some famous people are beginning to share exclusive behind-the-scenes content using this feature.

Here are some famous people who subscribe:

  1. Bhadi Babie
  2. ‘s Cardi B
  3. DJ Khaled
  4. Jordyn Woods
  5. Bella Thorne is a singer and an actress.
  6. Amelia Rose
  7. Musician Chris Brown performs.

8). Use various camera angles, masks, and props.

If you want to include photos of your whole body, not your face, you should pose and use props.

You can pose with your back to the camera; your face turned away from the camera, or even your hair covering your face. Play around with novel ideas.

Props, which can be used to hide all or a portion of your face, work similarly. To improve the picture and hide their faces, people frequently use accessories like stuffed animals, masks, and other items as props.

The image will appear staged if you find props that fit your niche.

9). To disguise your voice, use a voice changer.

Use a voice changer to alter your voice when leaving voicemails, speaking in videos, or participating in other audio files.

This could help avoid awkward questions from people who recognize your voice and mistake it for you.

You could also make your videos silent by choosing not to speak in them.

10). Don’t Post Outdoor Photos Online

Do not post any pictures taken outside if you want to keep your identity and location a secret. If so, you need to be conscious of your surroundings.

  • You don’t want anyone who sees the angle of your photo or notices any background structures or landmarks to be able to identify you.
  • This can apply to gas stations, shorelines, dining establishments, and other locations.
  • Even reflective surfaces on windows, sunglasses, and other objects should be handled carefully.
  • On some of these surfaces, you might be able to see your reflection, which can also reveal your location to others.

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How do I get popular on OnlyFans?

9 Tips to Help You Do Well on OnlyFans

  1. Use your social media channels to your advantage.
  2. Spend money on paid shoutouts.
  3. Leverage Subreddits.
  4. The key is to be consistent.
  5. Ask people for tips often.
  6. Shoot for likes.
  7. Make the content of good quality.
  8. Make an Amazon wish list public.

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How is it possible to profit from adult videos without showing your face?

It’s cool and entertaining to create an adult profile without displaying your face if you already have a sizable following. You give your followers a link to your complete OnlyFans profile to start getting paid for your content. What if, however, you don’t have a sizable fan base? You are helpless to escape this predicament. On the one hand, popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok forbid users from sharing pornographic images and videos. On the other hand, getting free followers is challenging if you use a platform like OnlyFans.

Beginners who want to create adult videos without revealing their identities need a platform that allows them to distribute their work for free. We currently have The domain name of this website is “Adult TikTok.” Any content, including free adult videos, can be sent by authors to their subscribers. One of the best aspects of the platform is how it uses an algorithm to suggest free videos for users to watch in the Suggestions section. Therefore, it makes no difference whether you reveal your face in 18+ videos for FriendsOnly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Can you use OnlyFans without anyone knowing who you are?

You can’t use OnlyFans completely anonymously because you have to give the platform your payment information.

Can you do well on OnlyFans without putting yourself out there?

Yes, that is the short answer. You can make money without putting yourself out there. However, you need to keep a few things in mind. It might depend on what parts of your body you want to make look good.

Is making money on OnlyFans complicated?

You can make money on OnlyFans in a few different ways. But the main problem with trying to make money on Instagram by yourself is that it’s hard to get traffic and followers. You also have to have a good account if you want to make money.

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