How to Open Null File (in 2023)

This post is for you if you have a corrupt file and have been wondering how to open the null file.

We’ll explain how to use these files and demonstrate the software that can access them. So stay with us.

What is a Null File?

A null file is generated when Windows or application data files become corrupt. Additionally, there’s a chance that the null virus has infected your computer and is corrupting your files.

Most of the time, these NULL files are stored in the same directory as the program that made them or in a place chosen by the user in the program when the file was made. Since there is no helpful information in these NULL files, it is best to leave them alone. There are no Windows tools or third-party programs that can open. Null files and show their broken content. Even though these NULL files are broken, there are no programs that can fix them. Also, neither third-party programs nor Windows utilities can change NULL files to the correct file format.

How a null file is generated

NULL files usually get on your computer or phone in two ways.

  1. The first one is While running, applications or programs can create NULL files, especially if they run into a problem. These files are usually stored in the log or junk files folder of the application that created them, waiting for the user to delete them permanently.
  2. A NULL file or files can also get into a computer or phone through a malware attack called the NULL virus. This virus encrypts the computer’s files and adds the. Null extension to the end of their names. Most of the time, files like.doc and.docx files,.jpg and.jpeg files,.mp3 and.mp4 files, and so on.

For example, when a NULL virus attacks a phone or computer, an audio.mp3 file changes to audio.mp3.null. This automatically makes the file null, void, empty, and corrupt, so no program or app on your phone or computer can read it.

How to Open Null File

There are several ways to open the null of a File, But if you follow the steps in this post, you should be able to open any NULL files on your computer, Mac, and phone.

How to Open Null file in windows

There are several ways to open the null file in the window in which

  1. By finding the Null file
  2. Command prompt
  3. Notepad.

1). How to open a Null file (By finding the Null file)

  • Find the appropriate NULL file in the Windows OS File Explorer and double-click it to start the application that goes with it.
  • If an application can’t open a NULL file and shows the error message (“Windows cannot open this file”), you should look for an application that can open the file.
  • If you know what program can open a NULL file, run it and look in the main menu for File->Open.
  • If you don’t know what program opens a NULL file, you can look for “NULL wiki,” “application to open the NULL file,” or “open NULL file” in your favorite search engine.
  • Install the program found and see if it can open the NULL file.

2). How to open a Null file (by Command prompt)

  1. To open the Command prompt, press “Windows + R” on your keyboard and then type “cmd.”
  2. Press “Enter” after typing “type NUL.”
  3. Doing this will open a NULL file in the Command prompt window.

3). How to open a Null file (by Notepad)

  1. You can open your Notepad by pressing “Windows + R” and then typing “notepad.”
  2. Click “File” and then “Open.” Fill in “NUL” in the “File Name:” field.
  3. The dialogue box will open when you click “Open.”
  4. Notepad will open a NULL file.

How to Open Null file on Android

  1. On your Android device, look for the “My Files” or “File manager” app in the list of Android apps, then tap it to launch it.
  2. Inside the app, tap the “Downloads” folder.
  3. The NULL file that you downloaded ought to be there.
  4. Click on the filename. The appropriate app will open if the downloaded file can be opened on an Android device.
  5. Search for ” NULL ” in the Android App Store to find an app that can open a file that won’t open, search for “NULL” in the Android App Store.
  6. The file might only be compatible with desktop operating systems like Windows or Mac OS if you can’t open it with apps from the Android App Store. To see if any desktop programs can open it, try searching for “NULL file” online.
  7. It’s also possible that you downloaded an out-of-date file.

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How to Open Null file (on Mac)

  1. Double-click the NULL file to launch the associated app in the Mac OS Finder.
  2. You can click “Search App Store” in the error message box to see programs that can open NULL files; if you try to open a NULL file in a Mac OS program and receive the error message, “There is no application set to open the file.”
  3. If you know a Mac OS program that can open a NULL file, you can select “Choose Application…” in the error box to link the file extension to the program and open the NULL file.
  4. Enter “NULL wiki,” “application to open NULL files,” or “open NULL files” into your preferred search engine if you’re unsure of what program can open a NULL file.
  5. Check if the program you found can read the NULL file by installing it.

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How to Open Null file (on iPhone or iPad)

On an iPad or iPhone, you can open a NULL file. To open a NULL file on an iOS device, do the following:

  1. Open the Files app on your iPad or iPhone. You can get to it by swiping down from the home screen and typing “Files” into the search bar.
  2. Tap the Downloads folder on the Files app’s home screen.
  3. You’ll be able to see all of the files you’ve downloaded recently. Tap on it to open the NULL file.
  4. If you have the right app, it will open your file for you and launch it.
  5. If you don’t already have the app that can open “NULL,” you have to look for it in the Apple app store. In this way, you can find programs that can open NULL files.
  6. If that doesn’t work, it’s possible that a desktop program can only open your file. Use your favorite search engine to look up “NULL file” to find a program on your desktop that can open it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Can I view NULL on Linux, Mac OS, or Android?

You can use the free Viewer app on any operating system with a web browser, so the answer is yes. Our NULL Viewer operates online and doesn’t need to be installed.

How do I launch a blank document?

If your BLANK file won’t open properly, try right-clicking or holding the file down for a long time. Then select an application by clicking “Open with.” A BLANK file can also be viewed directly in the browser: Drop the file on this browser window by dragging it there.

What does the null path mean?

Null file path during an LTO process means 1.) The file(s) has/have been changed/altered/offline while the backup is running, so the backup job will not be able to find the file(s).


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