How to Remove Netgear genie on Mac (In 2023)

Netgear genie

Net gear genies allow you to use a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone to monitor, connect, and control your home network. Netgear Genie can be used to share and stream music and videos, detect and repair network problems and set up parental controls.

How to remove Netgear genie from mac

Before deleting NETGEAR Genie, get into your Mac with an administrator account and switch it off if it is running. Select Quit from the context menu of its dock icon (or choose NETGEAR Genie > Quit NETGEAR Genie on the Menu bar) to disable a program.

To see if the app runs in the background, use the Activity Monitor (located in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder). If you’re having trouble exiting NETGEAR Genie, open Activity Monitor, select the app, and click the large red “Quit Process” icon in the left corner, followed by the Force Quit button in the pop-up window.

1st Method: Remove the NETGEAR Genie icon from your desktop.

how to delete program from mac 2
how to delete program from mac
how to delete program from mac 3

From the Applications option on the left side of the Finder, choose NETGEAR Genie.

Drag NETGEAR Genie to the Trash to remove it (or right-click on it and then select the Move to Trash option).

Right-click the Trash icon and select Empty Trash to initiate the uninstall.

All Mac OS X versions are compatible with this drag-to-delete method. Most third-party programs can be quickly deleted in this way, but built-in apps cannot be deleted. When you try to delete an app installed with the Mac package installer, it will prompt you for a password. If you’re having difficulties transferring NETGEAR Genie to the Trash or emptying the Trash, press the Option key while selecting Empty Trash from the Finder menu, or restart your Mac and try again later.

Warming: Emptying the Trash will delete NETGEAR Genie and any other files you’ve placed in the Trash. This action is irrevocable, so make sure you haven’t mistakenly deleted anything before doing so. Right-click the item in the Trash and pick Put Back from the menu if you change your mind about deleting it.

2nd Mehtod: Delete the NETGEAR Genie Launchpad.

Search for NETGEAR Genie in the top search box of Launchpad.

Click and hold the NETGEAR Genie icon with your mouse until it wiggles. Then, in NETGEAR Genie’s left upper corner, click the “X” to finish the removal.

This tap-and-hold method requires OS X Lion or later and works with apps downloaded from the App Store. Once you click the X button, NETGEAR Genie will be removed promptly, and you will not need to empty the Trash afterward. This method does not work for built-in apps.

3rd Method: Use NETGEAR Genie’s built-in uninstaller.

It’s worth mentioning that some Mac applications, such as Adobe and Microsoft, have their uninstallers. These apps will either install new software or relocate library files and associated application dependencies to a different location in OS X. You can manually remove all supporting components. Still, it’s recommended to use a professional uninstaller to remove the application, including any bundled software or connected items.

To open the NETGEAR Genie installation file, double-click it.

To begin, double-click the [uninstaller] in the package.

After this finish, uninstallation, and follow the on-screen instructions. To uninstall software and plugins that do not appear in the Application folder or come with an uninstaller, go to their official websites and look for their downloadable uninstallers or uninstallation instructions. You can either use the Terminal or the uninstall utility given in the previous section of this article to remove some built-in macOS apps.

The top-level library on a hard disc is known as /Library.

  1. After selecting Go to Folder from the Menu Bar, open the Finder and click OK.
  2. The path to your hard drive’s top-level Library is /Library.
  3. Look for NETGEAR Genie-branded products in the following stores:
  • /Library
  • /Library/Caches
  • /Library/Preferences
  • /Library/Application Support
  • /Library/LaunchAgents
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons
  • /Library/PreferencePanes
  • /Library/StartupItems

4. When right-clicking the matched files or folders, choose to Move to Trash from the context menu.

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User Library inside Home Folder(~/Library)

  1. Navigate to Folder, type library into the search box, then press Enter.
  2. Identify and delete any files or folders with the same name in the same set of folders:
    1. ~/Library
    2. ~/Library/Caches
    3. ~/Library/Preferences
    4. ~/Library/Application Support
    5. ~/Library/LaunchAgents
    6. ~/Library/LaunchDaemons
    7. ~/Library/PreferencePanes
    8. ~/Library/StartupItems
  3. To completely delete NETGEAR Genie, empty the Trash.

Application components can be found in various places, including but not limited to the file paths described above. Some antivirus and security software, for example, will install additional kernel extensions that are normally placed in /System/Library/Extensions. If there are any unnoticed vestiges of the application, conduct a Google search for the components and thoroughly remove them.

For unskilled Mac users, manually removing NETGEAR Genie remnants can be time-consuming. If you are still unclear about how to completely remove software traces, or if you would rather save time than manually uninstalling NETGEAR Genie and all of its remnants, a professional removal program is a better alternative.

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

What exactly is NETGEAR Utility Genie, and how does it function?

NETGEAR Genie is a dashboard for network management, monitoring, and repair. You can control your home’s media from your smartphone or tablet with MyMedia. You can print to any printer from your iPad or iPhone using AirPrint, and you can view all of the devices on your network.

What exactly is this computer genie?

The Netgear Genie app is available for PC and Mac and Android and iOS smartphones. Genie’s purpose is to control and configure Netgear devices easier than using the Web-based GUI by opening a browser to the device’s IP address.

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