How to repair Nethrite Tools (in 2023)

Do you want to learn how to fix network tools? If so, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll walk you through it.

After a long period of strenuous searching for resources, you notice your Netherite pickaxe’s durability dwindling and worry that it will vanish. After all, it is one of the most challenging items to obtain in Minecraft.

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Nephrite tools?

Minecraft Netherite tools are arguably the best ones in Minecraft, with Netherite weapons, gear, and tools being far more rigid and durable than virtually any other variant in Minecraft.


  1. Nephrite items are more powerful and durable than diamonds
  2. They are resistant to fire and lava in dropped item form.
  3. Except for withered blue skulls, nephrite blocks are also unbreakable by the most vigorous explosions from regular gameplay.

How to repair Nethrite Tools

Repair broken tools, armour, and other durable items allows players to use the crafting grid or a grindstone.

There are many methods to repair nethrite tools in which

Method #1: How to repair Nethrite Tools

Step 1: Gather two comparable items

To repair an item, place two identical items of the same type and material anywhere on the crafting grid or grindstone.

The repaired item’s durability equals the sum of the old item’s durability plus a repair bonus of 5% of the item’s maximum uses up to the item’s maximum durability.

Repairing saves a little inventory space because it combines two items that can’t be stacked into one.

STEP 2: Put them in the crafting grid

Item repair is a feature that allows players to repair damaged tools, armour, or other durable items using the crafting grid or a grindstone.

To repair an item, place two identical items of the same type and material anywhere on the crafting grid or grindstone. Up to the item’s maximum durability, the durability of the repaired item is equal to the product of the durability of the original article, and a repair bonus is equal to 5% of the item’s maximum uses.

STEP 3: Double-check your inventory space

Repairing saves a little inventory space because it combines two items that can’t be stacked into one.

STEP 4: Check the durability

It is an excellent strategy to wear down two items until their combined durability is less than 95 percent. If the repaired item still has a damage bar, it received the 5% repair bonus for connecting those two items; otherwise, some of the repair bonus was most likely lost.

In theory, a perfect repair is possible but unlikely in practice. Putting together things with combined durability of more than 100% wastes more resources than just using tools until they break.

STEP 5: For Netherite tools, use a smithing table

Nephrite tools, weapons, and armour are created by enhancing diamond counterparts with a smithing table. These still have their names and enchantments. Nephrite jewellery is also more durable than diamond jewellery. The tools have a 2032 durability rating, which is 30% higher than diamonds (1562).

Another Method for Repairing Netherite Tools

I believe this is the most efficient method of repairing nephrite tools. It is to cast a mending enchantment on your devices. You can trade with a librarian, open chests, or go fishing to get an enchantment book.

An enchanting table can also be used, but you must be level 30 to repair any tools. Make sure you have some lapis lazuli in your inventory because each enchantment will cost you some.

Repairing a Netherite Pickaxe,

we have the following steps for the nephrite pickaxe.

Step 1: Construct a pickaxe

A pickaxe is a standard tool in the game because it is required to mine all ores, rocks, rock, and metal-based blocks.

STEP 2: Determine the best pickaxe to use

A pickaxe enables the player to mine blocks more quickly, depending on the material. Certain types of partnerships require the use of specific pickaxe materials when harvested.

STEP 3: Anvil Repair

Using the tier’s repair material, you can fix a pickaxe in an anvil. Each repair material restores 25% of the pickaxe’s maximum durability, rounded down.

In addition, an anvil can be used to repair items in two ways. The anvil costs experience points, but unlike the grindstone, it retains or even improves the target’s enchantments. The anvil can combine enchantments on two similar items and rename any item (not just the ones it can repair). Due to the complexities of the costs, a summary is provided here.

Step 4: Choose two items of the same type

Two identical items are inserted into the input slots: one is the item to be repaired, and the other is the item to be combined with the first.

The durability of the second item is added to the first, as are some or all of the second item’s enchantments, if applicable.

Some items are repairable by “covering” the damage with a specific material. The repaired item goes into the first input slot, and the corresponding material goes into the second. Each unit of material adds 25% of the item’s maximum durability.

Items Required to Make Netherite Tools

Nephrite scrap is required for the creation of nephrite tools. Smelting old debris, a rare block found only in the depths of the nether world, yields nephrite scrap.

If you have some old debris in your inventory, here’s what you’ll need to make nephrite tools.

Iron Furnace

Smelting ancient debris takes longer than usual. Blast furnaces are more efficient and faster at converting old garbage into nephrite scrap.

Ingots of gold

You’ll need four old pieces of debris and gold to make one nephrite nugget.

Diamond Instruments

The most important are diamond tools, which are required to convert nephrite ingots into nephrite tools.

Smithing Workbench

It is used in the transformation of diamond tools into nether tools. Further updates may change the rules for crafting nephrite items, but for the time being, the smithing table is the only workbench where you can convert diamond tools to nephrite. A smithing table requires two iron ingots on top and four blocks of wood.


It is used to repair and identify network tools. In Minecraft, the only way to fix netherite devices without disenchanting them is with an anvil. Three iron blocks and four iron ingots are required to craft an anvil.


One significant advantage of the grindstone over the anvil is that it does not cost experience points to repair tools. Grindstone is made from two sticks, a stone slab, and two wood blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Are Netherite tools repairable?

The anvil is the best tool for repairing netherite devices with enchantments. Any enchantments on your tools will be lost if you restore them with the crafting table or grindstone. To improve your agency, you’ll need nephrite ingots or a secondary device of the same type.

Can diamonds be used to repair nephrite tools?

Place your diamond tools in any empty slot of the crafting table and one nephrite ingot in any open space. The diamond tools will then be transformed into nephrite tools.

What doesn’t Mending go with it?

Mending is also incompatible with some bows’ Infinity enchantment. However, it can be used with Unbreaking to make items nearly indestructible.

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