How to Slide on Goofy Runners

How to Slide on Goofy Runners

How to Slide on Goofy Runners

Are you ready to take your inline skating skills to the next level? If you’re looking for a unique and exhilarating experience, sliding on goofy runners might just be the perfect fit for you. Goofy runners, also known as slide wheels or freeride skates, offer a thrilling way to slide and glide with style. In this article, we’ll explore the art of sliding on goofy runners, from understanding the basics to learning advanced techniques. So, strap on your gear, grab your goofy runners, and let’s dive into the exciting world of sliding!


Inline skating has evolved beyond just cruising and speed. With the introduction of goofy runners, skaters now have the opportunity to explore the art of sliding. Sliding involves intentionally breaking traction and gliding sideways, allowing for creative and dynamic maneuvers. This unique style of skating requires specific equipment, techniques, and a touch of bravery.

What are Goofy Runners?

Goofy runners are inline skates specially designed for sliding. They feature slide wheels with a different composition and durometer, allowing for controlled slides while maintaining stability. The wheels are typically larger and softer compared to regular inline skate wheels, providing increased surface area and better grip for slides. Goofy runners also have a different boot design to support the lateral movements involved in sliding.

Understanding the Basics of Sliding

3.1 What is Sliding?

Sliding is the act of intentionally breaking traction on your inline skates and gliding sideways. It involves shifting your weight, using your body and legs to initiate and control the slide, and maintaining balance throughout the maneuver. Sliding can be performed on various surfaces, including pavement, concrete, or other smooth and flat terrains.

3.2 Goofy Runners: A Unique Style of Skating

Goofy runners provide a distinctive approach to sliding. Unlike traditional inline skating, which focuses on forward motion, sliding on goofy runners emphasizes lateral movement. This style of skating allows for creative expression, freestyle tricks, and the opportunity to push the boundaries of your skills.

Benefits of Sliding on Goofy Runners

Sliding on goofy runners offers a range of benefits that go beyond the sheer fun and excitement it provides. Let’s explore some of the advantages of incorporating sliding into your skating routine:

4.1 Improves Balance and Coordination

Sliding requires precise control of body movements and weight distribution. By practicing sliding on goofy runners, you’ll enhance your balance and coordination skills. The constant adjustments and weight shifts during slides strengthen your core and lower body, improving your overall stability.

4.2 Enhances Leg and Core Strength

Engaging in sliding on a regular basis engages your leg muscles and core, helping you develop strength and endurance. The explosive movements involved in initiating and controlling slides work your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, providing an effective lower body workout.

4.3 Provides a Fun and Challenging Workout

Sliding on goofy runners is not only physically demanding but also mentally stimulating. The combination of technical skills, creativity, and the sense of accomplishment when landing a slide makes it an enjoyable and rewarding form of exercise. It keeps your workouts exciting and motivates you to continuously push your limits.

Getting Started: Choosing the Right Goofy Runners

Before you can start sliding, it’s important to select the appropriate goofy runners that suit your needs and skill level. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your slide skates:

5.1 Selecting the Appropriate Size and Fit

Proper sizing and fit are crucial for comfort and control while sliding. Ensure your goofy runners fit snugly but not too tight. Consider trying them on with the socks you intend to wear during your skating sessions to get an accurate fit.

5.2 Considering the Wheel Material and Durometer

The wheels on your goofy runners play a significant role in your sliding experience. Look for slide wheels made from a durable and grippy material. The durometer, measured on a scale from 0 to 100, determines the hardness of the wheels. Softer wheels (78A-88A) are ideal for sliding due to their better grip, while harder wheels (88A-95A) are better suited for regular inline skating.

5.3 Opting for the Right Boot Design

Goofy runners have a unique boot design that allows for lateral movement and provides the necessary support during slides. Look for boots with reinforced sidewalls, ankle support, and adequate padding to ensure comfort and stability.

Preparing for Sliding

Before you embark on your sliding journey, it’s important to make necessary preparations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are a few essential steps to take:

6.1 Wearing Protective Gear

Safety should always be a top priority when engaging in any form of skating, including sliding. Make sure to wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards to protect yourself from potential injuries. Protective gear will give you the confidence to explore sliding with peace of mind.

6.2 Finding a Suitable Location

Look for a suitable location with smooth and flat terrain for your sliding practice. Empty parking lots, skate parks, or designated sliding areas are great options. Ensure the surface is free of debris, cracks, or obstacles that may interfere with your slides.

Learning the Techniques

Now that you’re geared up and have found a suitable location, it’s time to learn the techniques required for sliding on goofy runners. Start with the basics and progress gradually as you gain confidence and skill. Here are a few key techniques to get you started:

7.1 Mastering the Basic Slide

The basic slide, also known as the powerslide, is the foundation for sliding on goofy runners. Start by building up speed and then shift your weight to one side while slightly bending your knees. Initiate the slide by turning your front foot and extending your back foot outward, applying pressure to the wheels. Practice this technique until you can perform controlled and smooth slides.

7.2 Progressing to Advanced Slides

Once you’ve mastered the basic slide, you can challenge yourself with advanced slides that add complexity and style to your skating. Here are a few popular advanced slides:

7.2.1 The Stand-Up Slide

The stand-up slide involves sliding in an upright position without using your hands for support. It requires advanced balance and control. Start by practicing the basic slide and gradually extend your slides while maintaining your balance in an upright stance.

7.2.2 The Hand Down Slide

The hand down slide, as the name suggests, involves placing one hand on the ground while sliding. This technique adds flair and style to your slides. Practice sliding with one hand touching the ground while maintaining stability and control.

7.2.3 The Coleman Slide

The Coleman slide is a more advanced technique that involves sliding with one hand and one knee touching the ground. It requires a high level of coordination and body control. Start by practicing the hand down slide and gradually add the knee touch to perform the Coleman slide.

Safety Tips for Sliding on Goofy Runners

While sliding on goofy runners is an exhilarating experience, it’s important to prioritize safety to avoid accidents or injuries. Here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind:

8.1 Always Wear Protective Gear

Protective gear, including a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, should be worn at all times during sliding sessions. These protective measures minimize the risk of injuries and provide added confidence while attempting slides.

8.2 Start Slow and Progress Gradually

Sliding requires skill, practice, and muscle memory. Start with basic slides and gradually progress to more advanced techniques as you build confidence and improve your abilities. Don’t rush the learning process, and always prioritize safety over pushing your limits.

8.3 Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Before sliding, assess your surroundings and ensure there are no pedestrians, vehicles, or other obstacles that may pose a risk. Choose a location away from heavy traffic and crowded areas to avoid potential accidents. Stay alert and maintain awareness of your surroundings while sliding.

Maintaining and Upgrading Your Goofy Runners

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your goofy runners, it’s essential to properly maintain and occasionally upgrade your equipment. Here are a few maintenance tips:

9.1 Cleaning and Lubricating Your Wheels and Bearings

Regularly clean your slide wheels and bearings to remove dirt, debris, and excess moisture. Use a soft cloth or brush to wipe the wheels and apply a suitable lubricant to the bearings to maintain smooth rotation and prolong their lifespan.

9.2 Replacing Worn-out Parts

Over time, your slide wheels, bearings, and other parts may wear out. Replace worn-out wheels or bearings to ensure optimal performance and safety.