How to take apart Xbox One (in 2023)

Do you want to know how to disassemble an Xbox One? If so, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll walk you through the steps.
Xbox One controllers are widely regarded as among the best video game controllers available, but they occasionally fail.

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What is an Xbox One?

Microsoft created the Xbox One home video game console. It was released in May 2013 as the Xbox 360’s successor and the third base console in the Xbox video game console series. It was initially released in November 2013 in North America, some of Europe, Australia, and South America. Japan, China, and other European nations received it in September 2014.

How to take apart Xbox One?

Xbox One

Find a clean and well-lit workspace before disassembling your Xbox One controller. If you don’t already have them, you’ll need to get the following tools:

  1. T-8 security Torx
  2. snooping instrument

You can use a Torx bit in a driver, a socket wrench, or a Torx driver, but it must be a T-8 safety Torx. A regular Torx and a safety Torx can be distinguished by the small hole in the tip of a security Torx. A regular T-8 Torx will not fit into the Xbox One controller screws without this small hole.

As a prying tool, you can use anything thin enough to fit inside the gap between the controller housing and the end covers. If possible, use a plastic tool to avoid damaging your controller’s housing.

Here’s how to disassemble your Xbox One controller:

  • Gently separate the right or left grip cover with a prying tool.
  • Once the covers begin to separate, you can carefully pull them off by hand.
  • Rep the procedure with the other grip cover.
  • Take off the battery cover.
  • You can remove the screws, including the hidden screw inside the battery compartment. To avoid stripping the screw, use a T-8 safety Torx bit, and be sure to seat it and apply pressure properly.
  • Using the same Torx bit or driver, remove one of the screws from one of the grips.
  • Take the second screw out of the exact grip.
  • Remove the final two screws on the other grip, and the controller will come apart.
  • You now have access to the rumble motors, triggers, and a few more screws, which you can leave alone unless specific circuit board components require replacement. To gain access to most of the other members, remove the assembly from the front case and flip it around.
  • This view allows you to clean the buttons and analogue sticks, remove the analogue sticks, remove the d-pad ring and d-pad, and more.
  • When you’re finished, reverse these steps to reassemble the controller. Replace the controller assembly in the front case, then the rear compartment, inserting and tightening all fight screws before snapping the grip covers and battery cover back into place.

Repair the Xbox one controller.

After successfully disassembling your Xbox One controller, you can attempt to repair it. Some issues can be resolved by simply cleaning components, while others necessitate the replacement of parts. Advanced skills, such as soldering, are required in some cases to remove and replace components. Depending on your experience level, some of those repairs are better left to the professionals.

Other fixes, such as repairing or replacing the d-pad ring, are much more accessible. If your d-pad isn’t responding correctly, try the following quick fix:

  • Remove the spring steel d-pad ring with a prying tool or tweezers.
  • Lift the arms on the d-pad ring carefully to apply more pressure, then reassemble. You might need to replace your d-pad ring if that doesn’t work.

Why Disassemble an Xbox One Controller?

Suppose your Xbox One controller isn’t working correctly, and you’ve already updated the firmware and performed some basic troubleshooting, such as checking the batteries. In that case, the next step is to disassemble the controller.

Here are some fixes that require disassembling your Xbox One controller, as well as advice on what to do once you’ve opened it up:

  • Broken d-pad: Carefully pry up the tabs on the spring assembly, so it pushes down harder. If necessary, replace.
  • Drifting analog sticks: As needed, clean or replace the analog stick units.
  • Inoperative audio jack: Make sure the jack is seated correctly and making contact, and replace it if necessary.
  • Use canned air or other methods to remove gunk and buildup after removing the circuit board assembly from the controller housing.

Xbox One features

  • Compatibility with previous versions.
  • Access to EA.
  • The user interface…
  • Streaming from a PC to an Xbox.
  • Streaming from Xbox to PC…
  • Xbox Live
  • Gold-themed games…
  • The Xbox One X. Right now, the most apparent advantage of purchasing an Xbox One over a PS4 is that Microsoft has the most powerful console on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

How do I remove dust from my Xbox One?

Use a soft, lint-free cloth (microfiber cloths are ideal) dampened with mild soap and water or premoistened disinfectant wipes. Cleaning should be done every 3-6 months or as needed. Important Before cleaning your Xbox, turn it off and unplug it from the wall.

Can you disassemble an Xbox One?

Insert a flathead screwdriver or spudger into the gap between the console’s back-left corner and the plastic grille on the left side, then gently pry the grille away from the console.

Does cleaning an Xbox One speed it up?

Clearing the cache on your Xbox makes it run faster and smoother and eliminates lag. The Xbox’s speed and responsiveness are improved by resetting or clearing the cache.


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