How to Throw in Gang Beasts (in 2023)

Do you wish to learn how to use gang beasts? If so, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll walk you through the process. 

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Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a beat-them-up party game developed and published by Boneloaf, a British indie studio. The title will be self-published after being published by Double Fine Presents until May 2020.

Gang beasts system requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8,8.1 and 10
  • Memory: more than 4 GB RAM.
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection.
  • Storage: 2 GB available space.
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher.
  • Processor: 2nd generation Core i3, AMD A6, or higher.
  • Graphics: Nvidia 8800 GT, AMD 5670, Intel HD 3000.

How to Throw People in Gang Beasts?

Throw People in Gang Beasts

Follow these steps to throw individuals into Gang Beasts:

  • To hold your opponent with both hands, use the punch buttons (L1 + R1/LB) on your controller (PS4/Xbox).
  • The Lift button (Triangle/Y) on the controller must be held down to lift players in the game.
  • Finally, release all buttons simultaneously to launch your opponent.

The game’s throw distance is not particularly far. To propel your target further, you must sprint and leap while throwing it. Additionally, before you throw, spread your fingers as far as possible across the buttons to increase your grip.

How Can You Drop People in Gang Beasts on PlayStation?

Follow these steps to drop someone in the PlayStation game Gang Beasts.

Drop People in Gang Beasts on PlayStation
  1. The L1 and R1 buttons on your PS4 controller should be pushed and held.
  2. Press and hold the Triangle button on your controller to lift the people.
  3. Release all buttons to throw or drop the objects as far as possible.

How to throw people in gang beasts Xbox

The following are the drop-person directions for the Gang Beasts Xbox game.

  1. In Gang Beasts, hold down the LB or RB button on your Xbox controller to grab people.
  2. By pushing and holding the Y button, the individuals will be lifted.
  3. Then, simultaneously push each of these buttons to throw everyone.

If you want to throw them far, it pays to have a lot of speed when you release them.

Gang beasts tips

Gang Beasts can be fooled in many ways. Here is a list of some of the most well-known:

Keep in mind that the buttons below are used on Xbox controllers.

Drop Kick: To make this move, the player only needs to jump and hold down the A and X buttons while they are in the air. The enemy will be closer to their opponent and have less time to fight back.

Slide: Fighting in this mode is fun. It works best on slippery surfaces, like sheets of ice. In this case, the controls make it so that you slip when you hit your opponent.

Dirt Feeder is a game where people take turns grabbing each other’s legs. This is much better for the other person if their costume has a tail. Once you have them in your hands, try to lift them (Y), so they hang upside down. Just let go of the lift button (Y) to eliminate them.

The Climb Leap: This is the easiest and fastest way to get the job done. To climb a wall, you must hold it with both hands and double-tap the jump button over and over (A). This makes a move easier to use and gives you more protection when you attack.

Headbutt: Both players must hold (RB) the other player’s shoulder to make this move. The Gang Beasts characters in this game are hard to grab because they have narrow shoulders. But once you’re in the right spot, all it takes to knock them out is a headbutt (B).

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

How does one throw a fall guy?

The throw does not have a dedicated button, but it is an action that can be performed by rapidly pressing other buttons. Here’s how it works: Users of PC/Steam: SHIFT (grab/release) + SPACE BAR (jump) + CTRL (dive) Users of the PlayStation 4: SQUARE (dive) + X (jump) + R2 (grab/release)

Can you hit the ball out of your hands in basketball?

Can you knock Someone’s basketball out of their hands? You may do so as long as you only touch the ball or the part of the ball handler’s hand that touches the ball.

How do men double jump in the fall?

To double jump in Fall Guys, press the jump button first, then the dive button for a boost. This is a crucial move in the game.


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