How to Uninstall Battleye (in 2023)

Do you need to remove BattlEye for OA Uninstall to resolve any issues? Are you seeking an efficient method to completely remove it and delete all of its files from your computer? Not to worry! This page contains comprehensive steps for uninstalling BattlEye for OA Uninstall.


This anti-cheat software system, BattlEye, is patented. It protects online games from being cracked, cheated, or used in ways that aren’t fair.

Why did you fail to delete the battleye.

Your BattlEye service may fail to install because your machine is experiencing temporary corruption issues. You should restart your computer to see if this resolves the issue.

How to Uninstall Battleye

BattlEye focuses on proactive cheat protection while aggressively banning any cheats who still manage to get in, ensuring that users’ playing experiences are as safeguarded from disruptive cheater actions as possible.

Uninstall Battleye

Take any BattlEye-related files off of your computer to quickly remove them.

Follow the steps below to get rid of BattlEye.

  • Start up your computer and do your work.
  • Find the File Manager tab.
  • Disk C (the “Local Disk”) is now open.
  • Make sure you choose Program Files, then click OK.
  • To eliminate all BattlEye files, choose all of them and delete them.
  • As soon as you get to the command prompt, choose run as administrator.
  • Sc has now removed the service from the list of apps.

After removing the game’s files, you’ll be asked to restart the installation process. From the drop-down menu, choose NO and don’t show again.

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How to install battleye

  1. Steam username and password: Type in your username and password to log in to the service.
  2. Choose LIBRARY from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  3. Right-clicking a game in the game list lets you choose it, so you can play it now.
  4. Then, go to Properties and click on it.
  5. LOCAL FILES should be chosen from the drop-down menu when you do this.
  6. Take a look at your local files from the menu that comes up.
  7. BattlEye is a folder on your computer. When you get there, double-click it.
  8. Double-click BattlEye to install it.

Battleye Launcher

In late 2004, BattlEye began as third-party anti-cheat software for Battlefield Vietnam. It has been enormously successful over the last 17 years, and it is used by many other competitive shooter series, including Fortnite, PUBG, and Rainbow Six Siege.

To find your BattlEye launcher, open File Explorer and navigate to your game folder. The BattlEye launcher is an executable file with the suffix “_BE” at the end. Once you’ve located it, run it as administrator by following the procedures in the previous fix.

BattlEye is supplied among the other game files; thus, a manual download from our website is usually unnecessary. At its foundation, BattlEye is a proactive defense technology that creates a robust shield over the entire game. Most pirates are effectively prevented in this manner.

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Is battleye safe?

No, it is not secure. It erases your SSD.
While BattlEye requires complete access to your system’s internals to identify all intrusions, we do not examine, verify, communicate, or sell your personal information, data, documents, credit card numbers, passwords, or similar.

Battleye support

You can easily contact battleye support team via the following platforms

  1. E-Mail:
  2. Web address:

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Is BattlEye a secure game?

Battleye is more malware than a virus. When I start Siege or any other game with Battleye, the CPU immediately climbs to 100% use. This occurs only when the Battleye Launcher is activated.

What exactly is the BattlEye service?

Fortnite uses BattlEye, an anti-cheat tool, to detect users who use external exploits to obtain an advantage in the game. If you’re having trouble starting or installing BattlEe or having other problems, see the BattlEye FAQ, which will address most of your inquiries.

Where can I find BattlEye?

BattlEye is usually installed automatically when you start your game. However, if BattlEye fails to install during the procedure, you can manually run the BattlEye installer. Simply open File Explorer and navigate to the BattlEye Service directory (typically C: Program Files (x86)Common FilesBattlEye).

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