How to Uninstall Logic Pro X (in 2023)

Do you believe that uninstalling Logic Pro X 10.4.1 on your Mac computer is simple or difficult for you? Different people may have different answers to this question, but it is a fact that some issues will always exist and make it difficult for you to remove this app under OS X.

What is Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a digital audio workstation that can compete with any other on the market. This course will teach you everything you need to know to begin composing, recording, editing, producing, and sharing your music. Logic Pro X is the required software.

Reason to delete the Logic Pro X

  1. It is ineffective on your Mac.
  2. After installation, the application does not function properly.
  3. Logic Pro X 10.4.1 degrades computer performance.
  4. The app consumes an excessive amount of hard disc space on your computer.
  5. The computer should be reinstalled with Logic Pro X 10.4.1.
  6. The application’s shortcut/icon is not visible on the Launchpad or in the Applications folder.

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How to Uninstall Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X cannot be completely uninstalled from the computer. You continually refuse to remove the app because it is still running on the computer, but you must exit the program first.

Method 1: How to Uninstall Logic Pro X

Simple instructions for uninstalling Logic Pro X for Mac.

Mac 1
Mac 2
  1. Remove the app if it was obtained from the Mac App Store)
  2. Specific steps to uninstall the app (from the App Store):
  3. If the app is still running on your computer, right-click its Dock icon and select Quit.
  4. Locate the Logic Pro X icon by clicking on the Launchpad icon in the Dock.
  5. Hold the icon down until all of the icons begin to jiggle.
  6. When you click the delete button in the upper left corner, the program’s package will be removed from the Launchpad.

Method 2: Uninstall the program from the Finder

Remove the program from finder on mac 1
Remove the program from finder on mac 3

By default, an installed application is placed in the Finder’s Applications folder, where you can locate the Logic Pro X 10.4.1 program and drag it to the Trash to remove it.

  1. On the Dock, select Finder and then Applications from the left pane.
  2. Locate Logic Pro X 10.4.1 in the Folder and drag its icon to the Trash.
  3. Enter the password if you are asked to confirm that you want to delete the account.
  4. To move it to the Trash, click OK.
  5. Select “Empty Trash” from the context menu when right-clicking the Trash icon.

After the above removal, resolve the remaining issue.

remove the remaining file 1
remove the remaining file 2
remove the remaining file
  1. Go to Folder… by clicking Go.
  2. Enter “/library/” in the box and press the Return key on your keyboard.
  3. Many folders inside the Library contain the associated files of Logic Pro X, so you should check them and ensure all related files are clean. The most common folders that contain the associated files are:
  4. Application Supports, Caches, and Preferences folders
  5. Please remember to empty the Trash bin after cleaning all the files inside.

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Alternative of Logic Pro X

  1. Audacity.
  2. Adobe Audition.
  3. Avid Pro Tools.
  4. FL Studio.
  5. Studio One.
  6. Reaper.

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PROs and CONs of Logic Pro X


  • New and effective Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio tools
  • A wide range of instruments and effects are included.
  • Unlike many competitors, there is no copy protection.
  • Outstanding value


  • Tempo events cannot be locked to SMPTE.
  • Larger metres and faders could be used in the mixer.
  • There is still no fast Clip-Gain audio editing.

Feature of Logic Pro X

  1. Overview of the track header.
  2. Mute the tracks.
  3. Solo songs
  4. Set the volume of the track.
  5. Track pan positions can be set.
  6. Enable recording tracks.
  7. Turn on audio track input monitoring.
  8. Make use of track alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Is logic pro a one-time fee?

Is There A Subscription Plan Available From Logic? A subscription-based plan cannot be used to purchase Logic Pro X in instalments. It is only available for a one-time payment of $199.99 USD.

Is Logic Pro X a good piece of software?

Logic Pro X is a fantastic all-around DAW. It’s fantastic for songwriting and production. It has fantastic stock plugins, and its interface allows for professional-quality recording, editing, and mixing. Even for beginners, Logic Pro X is relatively simple to learn.

Is Logic Pro really worth the money?

It is a DAW Editors’ Choice winner. Having said that, Pro Tools is another Editors’ Choice winner because it is an excellent, albeit pricey, tool. If you’ve already invested in Pro Tools, you should probably stick with it. It’s the clear winner if you’re set on working on a PC, as Logic Pro is only available on Macs.

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