How to Uninstall Loom in 2023

Have you ever struggled to remove Loom? It can be tough to entirely uninstall an app from your Mac if you don’t know how. We’ll go over the various complications you could have when removing this app on Mac OS X. Here, we will provide you the step-by-step information about how to uninstall loom.

What is Loom?

Loom is a video messaging service that lets you instantly share videos to get your message out there. Using Loom, you may simultaneously record your camera, microphone, and desktop. Your video can be instantaneously shared thanks to Loom’s patented technology.

How to uninstall loom

To uninstall the Loom Desktop App, you can follow these steps: 

How to uninstall loom (On windows)

how we unistall program
how to uninstall program
  • Go to the Start menu and select the appropriate option.
  • From the Control Panel menu, choose Programs and Features.
  • Find Loom application.
  • After you click Loom, you’ll see an Uninstall button appear.

How to uninstall loom (On Mac)

how to delete program from mac 2
how to delete program from mac
how to delete program from mac 3

Manually uninstall Loom on your Mac.

  • Find the app’s uninstaller and erase it using it.
  • Select Applications from the sidebar of Finder. In the folder, look for or find the app’s uninstaller. To start the uninstallation, double-click it.
  • If you can’t find the uninstaller, try the steps below.

How to uninstall loom (On Mac) 2nd Method

  1. On your computer, disable Loom.
  2. In the upper left corner, choose Applications from the Finder menu.
  3. Drag Loom to the Trash from the folder’s contents.
  4. It would help clean all these components because the application saves files in other locations, especially the Library folder. —- Choose Finder Go to the Folder menu…
  5. After typing “/Library/” in the box, press the Return key.
  6. Go to Application Support in the Library folder and delete any support files with the app’s or publisher’s name.
  7. From the Support folder, go to the Library, open the Caches folder, and delete the things inside.
  8. Delete Loom’s preference files from the Library’s Preferences folder.
  9. Finally, pick “Secure Empty Trash” from the context menu of the Trash icon on the Dock.

How to use the loom desktop app

On this page, select Mac or PC and follow the on-screen instructions.
Follow these steps to complete the installation:

How to use the loom desktop app (on Mac)

  1. Loom should now be in the Applications folder on your computer.
  2. Loom should be found in the Applications folder. Drag the Loom icon to your task base for future use.
  3. On a machine running Windows
  4. In the.exe file, follow the instructions.
  5. Check your Start menu or Applications folder for Loom. To make future access easier, drag the Loom icon to your desktop.
  6. You can now start recording with the desktop software.
  7. The loom desktop app is broken.

One of the most basic solutions for difficulties with the Loom Desktop Client is to restart it. Try rebooting your computer if that doesn’t work. This will solve various software issues without requiring any more effort.

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Loom Review


A loom is a fantastic tool for collaborating with your team since you can discuss the steps of a procedure for some program or a complex task. I like that you can record your screen while using the camera at the same time. Loom is simple and easy to use. It is simple to use, does not take long to learn, and can be shared easily via a link.


Loom is very easy to use; it is a software that does not take up much screen space, is inconspicuous, and you can pick the plugin on any screen and record what I am doing; it also has the ability to turn the microphone on and off as needed. Because I can design lessons, it is far more useful than written instructions for teaching how to perform a task or operate a machine.

I enjoy how simple the desktop programme is, but I wish loom had more video editing choices.

Benn H.

Loom is a favourite of mine. I don’t believe there is a better simple or cost-effective solution to shoot and share video material and screen shares.


I like how simple it is to capture a screen, record a video, and share it with others. I frequently use it without writing lengthy e-mail to explain topics to clients. It’s also useful for examining documents because video and audio commentary can be displayed alongside them. The idea of recording a video and sharing the URL with just a few mouse clicks is incredible.

The file structure for completed videos is a little challenging to work with. Because I haven’t mastered this yet, my video storage is a jumble. I understand they’ve recently launched new features to improve this, but I haven’t got a chance to look at them yet. I’ve never had to.

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Loom Alternative

Sure, Loom isn’t as great a video recorder as you’d hoped.

But that’s alright because there are tons of great screen recorder alternatives instead!  

Here are some of the best alternatives to Loom:

  1. Clip
  2. Snagit
  3. Soapbox
  4. Camtasia
  5. VEED
  6. Vidyard
  7. CloudApp

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Is using Loom risky?

All videos are uploaded over an SSL-encrypted WebSocket, protected by a secure firewall. The videos have individual IDs that a machine would take years to guess.

Is Loom a trustworthy app?

For creative teams, Loom is an excellent all-in-one Screen Capture video recorder. Loom is utilised to quickly record and distribute screen capture films to support our development processes.

What is the location of the Loom videos?

All of your Loom movies and files are kept in your Library. Your video will instantly be processed and added to your library after filming. To organize your files, create folders and star them for easy access.

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