How to uninstall MPlayer on Mac (in 2023)

Have you installed MplayerX or any other Mac programs? Do you want to uninstall a Mac application or already have one installed? Do you like to learn how to uninstall MPlayer on mac?

This step-by-step article will show you how to uninstall MplayerX from your Mac using two methods: dragging it to the trash and utilizing a professional Mac program remover. By the end of this post, you should be able to delete any unwanted Mac apps. You’ll also learn to use a professional Mac software removal application to remove all bloatware successfully.


MPlayer is a free and open-source multimedia player. Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows are all supported. Versions for OS/2, Syllable, AmigaOS, MorphOS, and AROS Research Operating System are also available. There is also a DJGPP port for DOS.

Overview of Mplayer

MplayerX is a high-performance video player for the Mac OS platform built on Mplayer’s massive back-end. The interface is prettier and easier to use than Mplayer OSX Extended, even though the function is a little less.

How to uninstall MPlayer on Mac

It shows how to remove an app using Finder and a Mac uninstaller application. You’ll get a solution that completely removes MplayerX for Mac PCs. In the first method, you’ll learn to delete an app using Finder or Launchpad. The second option is to utilize the Osx Uninstaller application, which will assist you in removing any unnecessary files and bloatware effectively. Let’s get going.

How to uninstall player (Ist Method)

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how to delete program from mac
how to delete program from mac 3

Close Mplayer if it’s already running on your Mac. In the Dock, right-click MplayerX and select Quit from the menu. You can use the Activity Monitor application if this approach fails to disable MplayerX altogether.

  1. Click Finder > Click Applications folder > Double-click the Utility folder > Double-click the Activity Monitor option.
  2. When the Activity Monitor window displays, click MplayerX (or search for it)>. From the X icon in the top left corner, choose Quit or Force Quit.
  3. Open Finder, right-click MplayerX and then select Move to Trash from the menu. Double-click the Trash folder in the Dock to access it > Trash should now be empty.
  4. In addition to the procedures given above, erasing all of MplayerX’s leftover files, entries, and folders is essential for complete removal.

Click Finder > Click Go > Click Go to Folder > Enter the MplayerX pathname > Click Go. In the search result of the directory, delete the MplayerX directories there. You should be careful when deleting a key; any wrong operation probably leads to some crashed troubles.

How to uninstall MPlayer on mac (2nd Method)

  1. Disable MplayerX’s background processing. In Osx Uninstaller, choose MplayerX and click Run Analysis.
  2. Select Complete Uninstall > Click Yes to indicate that you want to uninstall MplayerX from your Mac.
  3. The Osx Uninstaller app will remove players from your Mac machine after a few seconds.

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Features of MplayerX:

MplayerX is designed to give consumers a fantastic all-in-one media player experience. It’s a simple yet efficient technique to automatically and smoothly play your favorite videos. Here are a few of MplayerX’s most valuable features.

  • Almost every type of media file is supported.
  • Use the multi-touch feature to watch videos with your fingertips.
  • Due to the intelligent detection of the subtitle encoding method, messy code will not display.
  • The direct audio output allows you to access, play, and enjoy your digital home theatre.
  • Multiple monitors are available, so you may work and play simultaneously.
  • Use Apple Remote to peruse your collection while relaxing on the couch.
  • Find the next episode to watch on a Saturday afternoon with just one click.
  • Do you recall where you last saw it? MPlayerX will help you remember things.

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MPlayer Alternative

VLC Media Player – VLC is a cross-platform multimedia player and framework that is free and open source.

KMPlayer – KMPlayer is a freeware that supports 36 languages and has 300 million users worldwide. PC KMPlayer is a freeware that supports 36 different video formats. Connect You can use KMP Connect to connect your devices.

SMPlayer – SMPlayer is a free video and music player for Windows and Linux that can play practically any media file without requiring the installation of additional codecs. More information on SMPlayer can be found here.

MPC-HC – MPC-HC is a free and open-source Windows media player. DownloadsNote. Windows® XP SP3 is supported as an operating system.

PotPlayer – PotPlayer is a minimalist media player with many adjustable settings…

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Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

What can I do about pre-installed apps on my Mac that refuse to uninstall?

You can force uninstall applications on a Mac by doing the following:

  • Press the Command + Option + Esc keys on your keyboard…
  • Force Quit Applications will display in a box.
  • Open the Launchpad while holding down the Option key and clicking the X button to eliminate stubborn applications.

What is the most recent version of MPlayer?

The most recent MPlayer version is 1.5, released on 2022-02-27, and includes an FFmpeg snapshot.

How can I use MPlayer on a Mac?

  • To install MPlayer, type the following command in the macOS terminal (Applications->Utilities->Terminal). Install MPlayer Sudo port copy
  • Run: contents of port Copy MPlayer to see what files MPlayer has installed.
  • sudo port upgrade & Sudo port self-update MPlayer Copy to later upgrade MPlayer


To summarize, we’ve demonstrated what you can acquire from this post. We also learn about the features it has, as well as the benefits and drawbacks, which help us know more about MPlayer. We all want the best for ourselves at the end of the day. If you don’t want to use MPlayer as your media player, AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is an excellent alternative.

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