How to Uninstall Sims Medieval (in 2023)

As part of The Sims brand, Electronic Arts launched The Sims Medieval in March 2011 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and on September 22, 2011, for iOS. On March 26, 2013, it was also released for Windows Phone. The Sims MedievalTM Deluxe transports The Sims to the Medieval Era with all-new features, graphics, and gameplay modes.

Sims medieval

The Sims Medieval is a life simulation computer game released by Electronic Arts in March 2011 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and on September 22, 2011, for iOS, as part of The Sims series. On March 26, 2013, it was also made available on Windows Phone.

The Sims Medieval brings you to the Middle Ages, where you can design your hero, go on missions, and develop your own country. Your adventures shape the future of your realm, transforming it into a thriving utopia or a war-torn disaster zone.

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Why did we delete Sims Medieval

  • The Sims Medieval is never utilized on the PC.
  • The application itself is experiencing an issue that must be resolved first.
  • The Sims Medieval should be reinstalled on Mac/Windows.
  • The program takes up a lot of space, which affects the performance of the Mac/Window.
  • The Sims Medieval causes an application conflict with other Mac/Windows applications.

How to Uninstall Sims Medieval on Windows

When you install new software, it gets added to the list of programs and features on your computer. Go to the Control Panel and click Programs and Features to uninstall the software. So, the first thing you can do to get rid of The Sims Medieval is gone to Programs and Features and uninstall it.

1). Click the Start menu from the taskbar.

2). You can see what’s happening if you go into the control panel.

3). After that, you open it and look in the program section for Sims Medieval.

4). An uninstall option appears when you right-click the Sims Medieval icon.

5). Click it to do so.

How to Uninstall Sims Medieval on Mac

  • You can go to the main menu by selecting Go and then Applications.
  • Click to open the folder if you have The Sims Medieval on your Mac.
  • Uninstall it by double-clicking on the uninstall method and following the on-screen instructions.
  • If your Mac lacks a specific uninstaller, you’ll have to find another way to remove the app.
  • After removing the software from the Applications folder, please navigate to the user’s Library folder and delete all application support files, caches, and preferences, leaving no file or trace.
  • Furthermore, some software vendors may provide their uninstallers to assist consumers in uninstalling their goods on the Mac. As a result, you should check the app’s website to determine if The Sims Medieval comes with an uninstaller.

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How to Activate The Sims Medieval Cheat Codes

The procedures for entering cheats differ depending on the platform:

  1. To access the cheat console on a Mac, press Command+Shift+C.
  2. To open the console in Windows, click Ctrl+Shift+C.

Sims Medieval Cheats

Cheat CodeEffect
kachingGet 1,000 Seminoles.
motherlodeGet 50,000 Seminoles.
DisableClothingFilterDisable clothing category filters.
setQP[number]Add any amount of Quest Points.
setKingdomPointsAdd any amount of Renown and Reputation Points.
RerollQuestsRandomize available quests.
moveObjectsRemoves limitations for placing or moving objects.
fpsToggle frame rate display in the right corner of the screen.
fullscreenToggle Full-Screen Mode on and off.
enablellamasToggle Llama Mode on and off.
fadeobjectsToggles object fading when you get close to items on and off.
enableresposTurn on Responsibilities.
DisableResposTurn off Responsibilities.
ShowAllQuestsUnlock all Quests.

Sims Medieval steam

Sims Medieval is now available for purchase on Steam! Gamers can create heroes, embark on quests, and establish a kingdom for the first time. Players will be able to get medieval like never before in an ancient land of adventure, drama, and romance.

Sims Medieval Reviews

Snicker Doodle

When I need a break yet am too exhausted to deal with Sims 3’s obstacles, I prefer the Medieval Sims. Medieval’s limits aren’t a problem if you just play it and don’t compare it to other Sims games. It’s nothing like Sims 3 or 4. I make my characters, embark on quests, and have fun playing. It can be a more laid-back time out than Sims 3 or 4.

Klepacki, Kamil

Without a doubt, this is the best Sims game ever made! The explanation for this is straightforward: it has a plot. Typically, Sims games depict a mundane daily life in which you repeat the same actions as a robot. The Sims Medieval, on the other hand, features many quests, each with a gripping storyline and interesting exchanges between your sim and the other characters. As a result, the game avoided the series’ usual repetition and instead provided the player with a fun experience. 6/5! Excellent game! One day, they should make The Sims Medieval 2!

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Sims Medieval Interrogation Chair

Obtaining information from a Sim requires using two items: an Interrogation Chair (bought from Furnish Mode) and a secondary Sim on your lot. Click on the chair and select “Lock Up Sim…” before selecting a Sim from the list. It enables you to lock a Sim on an active lot.

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Is Sims Medieval an enjoyable game?

Anyone who has enjoyed previous Sims games and is interested in medieval lore will undoubtedly find The Sims Medieval to become an enjoyable experience. There’s so much to discover here that it almost feels like two games, aside from being full-fledged.

Is Sims Medieval an open-world game?

In reality, The Sims Medieval incorporates everything I enjoyed about The Sims but entirely reinvented the gameplay to create an experience that is much more a role-playing game than an open-world sandbox. Like any other Sims game, the Sims Medieval allows you to control individuals in their daily lives.

Can Sims Medieval be played on Windows 10?

DVD editions of The Sims Medieval do not operate on Windows 8 or 10 (I believe owing to the copy protection used in TSM); thus, you must use the Origin version, though be aware that the Origin release contains the Origin sign-in requirement, just like The Sims 4 and The Sims 3 1.69.

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