How to unlock a Panasonic microwave (in 2023)

Do you need to learn how to unlock a Panasonic microwave? If so, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll walk you through the steps.
Panasonic microwave ovens include a Genius Sensor, which allows you to cook foods based on meal types, such as reheated or frozen foods, breakfast, lunch, snack, side dish, or dinner.

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Panasonic microwave

Panasonic inverter Turbo Defrost technology is a cutting-edge microwave sequencing system that uses the inverter’s continuous-power delivery feature. Foods no longer under-defrost in the middle or have dry, overcooked edges. This is because a unique low-power control system ensures that microwave energy is always delivered similarly.

Panasonic child lock microwave

  • The Child Lock feature on the Panasonic Microwave Oven is a safety lock that keeps your child from turning on the oven or accidentally turning on the microwave without your help.
  • The child cannot operate any of the microwave’s buttons when this feature is enabled. This is excellent for keeping children safe and preventing them from being injured if they open the door while it is still running or press the power button.

How to unlock Panasonic Microwave?

unlock Panasonic Microwave
  • When you see the LOCK/CHILD symbol, it usually means that the child lock feature has been enabled.
  • Press the Stop/Cancel button to unlock your Panasonic microwave twice a row.
  • After you unlock the microwave, the time of day or a colon will appear on the screen again.

Microwave child lock

  1. To lock, repeatedly press the “start” button three times.
  2. The screen will replace the time display with the “LOCK or L” sign.
  3. Other buttons will not function until they are turned off.

Panasonic Inverter Microwave Manual.

  • A countertop microwave with many cutting-edge features and functions, the Panasonic Inverter Microwave Oven can cook food more quickly than conventional microwaves.
  • This microwave has a straightforward user interface and a wide range of options. It can cook, defrost, and reheat food.
  • Cooking modes include popcorn, potato, pizza, beverage, vegetable/fruit, custom, and auto cook.
  • The microwave’s most helpful feature is its presets, which give you great results with little work.
  • This is especially beneficial for users who do not want to fiddle with complicated settings and modes.
  • The interior of the Panasonic Inverter Microwave Oven is small, but this is typical of microwaves in this price range.
  • The space inside is 0.8 cubic feet, enough to cook a regular meal.
  • The glass turntable can hold up to 2 pounds of food, and the auto-cook menu will rotate the food to ensure even cooking.
  • With the Panasonic Inverter Microwave’s steam sensor, you can cook rice and vegetables without making them too soft.

How Do You Remove Noise From A Panasonic Inverter Microwave?

Check the control panel first to see if you can turn the microwave off. Examine it carefully, but first double-check the following:

  • Look for the “Sound” button.
  • Keep the 1 or 0 key pressed.
  • Keep the Stop or Cancel button pressed.
  • The beeping sound cannot be turned off on any standard Panasonic microwave oven. Unintentional misoperation may occur when pushing buttons.

However, each model’s instructions for how to use it and more information about the beeping sounds are in the manual.

Panasonic Microwave Error Codes

Panasonic microwaves can display a variety of error codes. Some are harmless and easily reset, while others spell disaster.

Most of the time, you’ll have a good idea of what’s wrong before you even look at the display, but it can sometimes be confusing. If you receive an error code, try troubleshooting it before contacting customer service.

This guide offers a quick reference guide to help you identify your issue and get started fixing the microwave so you can stop gawking at it pointlessly.

Remember that different error codes refer to other parts of the microwave.
You should stop using the microwave, disconnect it, and get in touch with a certified Panasonic Service Center if you see any of the following error messages. H00, H20, H30, H32, H39, H90, H95, H96, H97, and H98 Services, as well as E-01, E05, E06, E08, and H99 Service Codes: H90, H95, H96, H97, H98, E-01, E05, E06, E08, and H99
The messages listed below do not need to be serviced. Here’s how to decode them:

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

How do you open a Panasonic microwave?

To disable the keypad lock feature, press the Stop-Reset button three times; for machines with a function button, press the function button, the number 5, and then the number 2.

What is the significance of the lock symbol on my Panasonic microwave?

This relates to the child lock. To remove this, please press the Stop/Cancel button three times.

What exactly is the Panasonic Genius Sensor?

To determine when something is done, the genius cooking sensor measures the steam produced by what’s cooking. In theory, it prevents undercooking and overcooking when compared to cooking by time alone.


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