How to unlock Sim card without Puk Code (in 2023)

Do you want to learn how to unlock a SIM card without entering a PUK code? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the perfect place because we’ll walk you through it.

For privacy reasons, we frequently put a PIN code on our mobile SIMs. If you have forgotten your PIN code, Keep in mind you have three attempts to input your PIN code before your SIM is banned. What would you do if you didn’t know your Sim’s PUK code?

What is the PUK Code?

In SIM cards, a personal unblocking key, also known as a secret unblocking code, is used to reset a lost or forgotten unique identifying number. PIN protection is available on the majority of mobile phones.

Puk Code Features

  • Your SIM card’s PUK code is a security feature that enables you to ask for a PIN code each time you power on your phone.
  • If you enter this code incorrectly three times, your sim card will lock and can only be unlocked with your PUK code.

How to unlock a sim card without Puk Code?

Many customers set a PIN code on their mobile SIM cards for privacy concerns. But what if you’ve misplaced your SIM or PUK code? You can only try to enter the correct Sim PIN code three times before your Sim card is locked.

There are 3 different ways to unlock a sim card with a Puk code

  1. Via Customer Service
  2. How to unlock a phone from a carrier

1). Unlock the SIM Card Without a PUK Code (Via Customer Service)

customer service

The first option is to call customer care, which will supply you with all of the information associated with your SIM card. You must first enter personal details like your name and address to prove that you own the SIM card.

2). How to unlock a phone from a carrier


If you have an account with your mobile carrier, you can obtain the PUK code from their website (most mobile carriers offer their users an online version). You must visit your mobile carrier’s official website and log in with your credentials to see the PUK code under your profile.

How to unlock a sim card without PUK code android?

You can use EaseUS MobiUnlock, an iPhone unlocker that can unlock the SIM card, Activation Lock, Apple ID, Screen Time passcode, and more if none of those techniques works. Whether you remember your PIN or PUK code, our iPhone unlocking software can help you get the SIM card out quickly.

In addition, this iPhone unlocker is useful when you

  • You’ve forgotten your iPhone’s passcode and need to unlock it.
  • You may want to disable the Activation Lock when you forget your passcode.
  • Do you want to delete your Apple ID or iCloud account without a password?
  • Decrypt an encrypted iTunes backup.
  • Manage your passcodes on your iPad or iPhone.

To unlock the SIM card without a PUK code, follow these steps:

Step # 1

Plug in your iPhone and launch EaseUS MobiUnlock. From the home page, select “Remove SIM Lock.”

Step # 2

Review the information provided on the screen for your device, then click “Start.” After that, you’ll see our Terms of Service; click “I Agree” and ” Start ” to continue.

Step # 3

To begin unlocking, validate your device information and select “Start Unlocking.” Wait till the procedure is finished.

Step # 4

Once the SIM card has been unlocked, you can disconnect your iPhone and check to see if the SIM lock has been lifted.

Frequently Asked Questions (QnA)

Can a SIM be unlocked without a PUK?

If you do not have your sim card PUK code, there is no alternative way to unlock your iPhone or Android smartphone. To get the right PUK code, call the customer service number for your telecom provider or go to their official website.

Can I obtain a PUK code online?

If you have an online account with your network provider, you can try to find your PUK code online (most offer this service). Log in to your computer and check for a PUK code area on your account page. The location of this will differ depending on the network provider.

Can you tell me the 8-digit PUK code?

The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is an 8-digit code. It unblocks your SIM card after inputting the wrong PIN code three times. A card blocked by the PUK code cannot be unblocked; it cannot be used and must be replaced.

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